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The Management and Staff of Boca Royale Golf & Country Club are very

pleased to share the following testimonials with you:


4/12/2021 - Great job Saturday night. We had a total of 102 in attendance and everyone enjoyed the food and service... lots of positive feedback. Again, thank you for everything... you and your team did a great job.

4/12/2021 - Phyllis,  everyone really enjoyed the food at our Saturday Boca Cares fund raiser and the service was spot on. Thanks to everyone for helping deliver a successful event!!

4/10/2021 - The food this evening was fabulous Phyllis. Thank you so much. Such a fun idea to have food from around the world .  The Indian beef were Greg’s favorite and so flavorful and the Chinese chicken wraps were mine, although I tried just about everything and all was very good. It’s great to be back in the club and just wanted you to know how much we appreciate your efforts and the fabulous staff— the kids did a great job on the floor too. Get some rest. Hugs, Ginger and Greg




1/21/2021 - Phyllis - We had a wonderful meal tonight. I haven’t had your cherry strudel for quite a while; it’s my favorite. Maryanne enjoyed the gluten-free chocolate torte?? Our daughter is visiting from CT and she thoroughly enjoyed the everything. And, of course, Neolani is the best; she’s a pleasant and delightful person.

1/4/2021 - Hi Phyllis, Happy New Year !!! First let me say, both the Christmas dinner and Lasagna order the next day that you and your staff prepared were a BIG hit with the family visiting us for Christmas.  Thank you so much.  It made meal preparation so easy for us allowing more time for visiting. For this Friday pick up at 5pm, I’d like to order the following: * 1 Stuffed Cabbage with extra sauce; * 1lb of Chicken Salad; * 1lb of Pulled Pork if you have any available; * small container of your meat sauce only if you have some made. Thanks again, 

12/26/2020 - Ian, Please let the restaurant staff know that they made our Christmas with their fantastic Christmas dinner.  We had seven people gather at our house to share a wonderful meal prepared by the Boca Royale kitchen. They truly need to be commended for their hard work and the delicious dinner they provided. Thank you to everyone who worked that day. It was very much appreciated. Regards, Michele Petry

11/27/2020 - A big thank you to Phyllis and the staff for our delicious thanksgiving dinner. Our family enjoyed everything right down to the pecan pie. We're not going to weigh ourselves until we get to working out a bit.😉 It was so nice to not have to do all of the prep work.  We just had to open the wine as the final touch to our festive meal. Hope you had a great dinner as well. Cheers,🍷🍷 Carol and Ron

11/27/2020 - We want you to know that we had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, thanks to the chefs.  We picked up our dinner right on time and, since we ordered the whole turkey dinner for 4-6, we had plenty of food and nice leftovers for the four of us.  Everything was scrumptious!

Dottie and Fred

11/27/2020 - Hi Phyllis - You must be exhausted! We truly enjoyed our TG dinner yesterday. Extreme kudos to you and your team. What a day it must have been for you all! Gratefully, Barb and Phil.

11/27/2020 - Good Morning Ian – I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We would just like to say that we ordered the full Thanksgiving Meal (turkey and ham) plus all the fixin’s from the club yesterday!  Our compliments to the chef and all the wonderful staff that pulled this all together.  The food was exceptional – all the way down to the green beans.  What a wonderful dinner the kitchen put together.  It was worth every penny!  We hope you do something like this for Christmas as well!  Thank you again for making it a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration. Pat & Cindy

11/26/2020 - We are so thankful for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner provided by the staff. It exceeded all of our expectations. Thank you so much. Chris & Marilyn

11/26/2020 - Phyllis,  thank you for the wonderful Thanksgiving feast.  The food was fantastic and certainly exceeded all expectations.  Our guests were fully impressed as were we.  Two of our friends even asked if we would help them find a home here.  Again thank you and your staff for your efforts.

11/26/2020 - Happy Thanksgiving! We just wanted to extend our thanks to the entire staff at Boca Royale. We ordered the carry out dinner and were 100% satisfied with everything. The pick up process was organized the packaging of the food was great and the food was all delicious! Thank you to all for working on the holiday and also during these difficult times.  We think the carry out should be an option again next year! Blessings to you all! Melodi and Doug

10/22/2020 - Tonight’s dinner was outstanding from the service to the delicious entrees. We both had the stuffed lobster tails and were not disappointed. Great job everyone! Thank you for a wonderful night out at the club.

9/17/2020 - Hi Ian, Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Just wanted to let you & the staff know that this past Thursday, 9/17/2020 Randi (my wife) and I had a fabulous dinner @ the clubhouse. Shelby was our server and was a delight right from the moment we sat down, until dessert was finished, everything was just delicious! From the soups & salads right up to the NY strip & filet mignon, all was perfect. We both agreed that these were probably the best tasting steaks we have had since our move down here in late April. The restaurant deserves a 5* rating as it ranks in our humble opinion, among some of the best nationwide we've eaten at.  On top of that, we had a lovely table near the window overlooking the beautiful golf course. Our hats are off to you and the entire team that made our evening so special.

9/4/2020 - Phyllis, I just wanted to let you know that dinner last night was delicious.  The menu had so many good choices that it was difficult to decide.  Three of us had the scallops and three had the lobster stuffed filet mignon and we were all very pleased with our choices.   The service was also excellent.  We’ll do that again soon. Thanks for all you do to make these special dinners so enjoyable. Marilyn Folvig

4/23/2020 - Hi, Bruce and I just enjoyed a delicious lunch from the club, including sandwiches and French fries.  We haven't had fries in weeks and they were hot and crispy and everything you want when you order French fries ☺.  Thanks so much for continuing to run the food and beverage service for the club.  A simple thing like French fries is a real treat in the current environment. Also, your creativity with weekend take out options and offering the grocery list are wonderful options for residents.  We look forward to dining in person again when the club is able to re-open.  Please thank all of the staff for the work they do! Pam and Bruce Merkle

4/22/2020 - We are heading home to PA soon and do not need groceries.We just wanted to commend Phyllis and her entire team for continual innovative ways to meet the needs of the Boca community. In the midst of a pandemic straight out of a science fiction novel, you just keep thinking of new things to offer to help people shelter in place.It does not appear the word “can’t” exists in your team meetings; instead, it appears “maybe we should try this” is the operative phrase.

Thank you for all you do. Sincerely, Linda and Mark Terrell

3/6/2020 - Chuck, Noreen’s husband invited us to a small group to celebrate his lovely wife's birthday. OMG ! The club pulled out all the stops. From Oysters Rockefeller To the Clams Casino which both were out of this world. The broth just had to be soaked up with the bread. It was just so darn tasty. Then 4 of us had the crispy duck which wasn't on the menu but the club was given enough notice and the other 4 of us had this Parmesan Chicken that was fork tender and just so darn tasty....

2/24/2020 - We had our second Interclub match today with Neolani as out singular waitress for a group of 24. She did a superb job and you could see her growth in confidence from last week, her first adventure into this foray that Ginger has managed for years. The lunch food was delicious and beautiful. All of the Interclub women comment that they love to come to Boca for lunch because it is reasonable, delicious and they can order from the menu! We are looking forward to moving toward the Gala in May. With thanks, Sandra Spoto

2/3/2020 - Fantastic brunch! Went with out of state guests and they were so impressed with the selections and service. We will be making this a regular visit from now on! THANK YOU! Cam Malone-Allen

1/27/2008 - Hi Ian, I know you get a LOT of complaints about issues in the community, but I wanted you to ALSO get the positive comments!  My husband, and I went to the tiki bar for drinks and dinner yesterday and ordered the t-bone steak.  It was DELICIOUS!  Joshua seasoned and cooked it to perfection!  It was such a nice, relaxing time topped off with great food and great friends.  Kathleen and the crew do a wonderful job making everyone feel welcome there and it becomes a day we look forward to.  Thank you to all of them for a job well done.

1/13/2020 - Just wanted to pass on some positive this morning.  After spending Oct here and then going back to Illinois, for a couple of months we got back to paradise Friday evening.  I thought the place really looked nice.  All the common grounds look good.  The new mulch is great and I love the parking lot repave.  Even without a reservation we stopped in yesterday for Brunch.  It was a wonderful experience and the food was very good.  We had a “new” waitress (Kelli) and she did an outstanding job!  Things are good in BR!  Thanks for your effort and those of your staff.

1/12/2020- Went to the Sunday Brunch today. Truly the most selections of any brunch we have been to. Between my hubby and myself, we had made to order omelet, bacon, danish, fresh fruit, blintz with sauce, biscuits and gravy, everything was delicious. Our waiter Kelly, did a great job keeping coffee cup filled and Tammy, dining room Mgr. visited our table, and made us feel welcome, what a nice lady!!! Tammy also shared the dining menu for Wed. Thurs. Fri. nights, which is open to the public.

We definitely will return soon and have dinner. Cheryl and Paul

12/25/19 - This will be my fifth year in a row and we absolutely love it is a tradition for us. The tree is always beautiful and the food is awesome ..lots to choose from..all of these dishes are delicious and if your lucky to dine by the windows, the grounds have beautiful views as well. I highly recommend going here anytime but especially Christmas. Book early!

12/18/19 - Wow! The food last night at “Trivia”, was phenomenal! It was better than any meal we could have had at a 4 star restaurant! The scallops were done to perfection. The roasted chicken had the most wonderful spices and the beef was magnificent! I have never had such beautifully whipped potatoes and the sugar snaps perfectly done. Please thank the chef and everyone in the kitchen. Cindy Thomas 

12/15/19 - Had the best brunch today! Food was really top notch! The chopped liver was excellent! All of the food was very good! This brunch really was a hit with us! Definitely will go back!

12/15/19 - We had the brunch there today. Beyond the best I’ve ever had. Chef JP did an unbelievable job. Food was superb!


11/3/19 - Nice Sunday Brunch with Ambiance- Stopped here today after church with my wife for brunch. We've eaten here before and always had a pleasant experience and enjoyed the food. Today was no exception. Our waitress, Neolani, was a very sweet young lady who made us feel welcome and was very attentive to our needs without intruding on the experience. Music was provided by a pianist who was very good and the views of the golf course made for a picture perfect setting. There were numerous stations set up for fruit, a carving station, freshly prepared omelets, sweet rolls, cheese/crackers, seafood, biscuits & gravy, plus other foods. Everything we tried tasted very good and there was enough variety to please almost any appetite. We didn't have any cocktails, but most of the specials were priced at a very reasonable $5.00. The brunch was $18.00 per person and included our coffee. We think this was an outstanding price for the quality, quantity, and setting.

10/8/19 - Quick thank you note to (I hope) the right people.  The luncheon was fantastic.  Great selection and so fresh.  That could be a  regular on the tournament menus! Nice job ladies.  And Thanks again,  Ellen

9/19/19 - Four couples at dinner last night and the evening was excellent. Of the 8 people, we had dinners from the pasta bar, the pasta  specials and the Englewood Eats menu and everybody was pleased. Tell Phyllis & Chef that Cindy had the stuffed shells but did not want the pesto sauce & the kitchen turned out a beautiful red sauce dish with melted cheese... needless to say, she was very pleased. Kathleen & Kiersa were hustling last night and service was good. Good job!

8/29/19 - While we all write to complain, I wanted to give some positive feedback regarding dinner at the club last night.Allison, our server was lovely and welcoming.We enjoyed the pasta bar very much, and the chef who was cooking was great.It is a nice idea and we will be back. Karen

5/13/19 - Phyllis, Can't rave enough how much the N.J. Club and Friends enjoyed the Mother's Day Brunch....The food was outstanding and the service was second to none...Thank You so so much

5/8/19 - Ian:  I am quite the tough food critic and find that mostly the restaurant in the area, especially Venice, are mediocre to say the least, overrated and overpriced, etc., but must say that the recent visits to the Boca Royale restaurants have been excellent. Yesterday's lunch, especially the special of 'Ahi Tuna Taco', received rave reviews from my guests and myself. Ryan was the perfect and charming server, so kudos to your chef and staff.

5/3/19 - Chef...thank you for the excellent job you do preparing vegetarian entrees for me. I have been a vegetarian for 35 years and the meals you have prepared are among the best I’ve ever had. Thanks for your efforts...Dick Volk 


3/31/19- Had a lovely brunch at Boca Royale. Plenty to eat, large variety of breakfast foods and lunch items. Drinks were reasonable. Wait staff was excellent.

3/6/19- Hi Ian, Tom and I had dinner tonight with 8 other friends and neighbors. I ordered off the special menu, the eggplant dish. It was delicious and beautifully presented. About half of us chose to get a dish made from the pasta bar.  I want you to know we were all happy with our meals and some of us were ranting and raving about our meal. I wanted to let you know how happy I am about having James. Also, to let you know our service was wonderful.  Keep up the good work. 

3/3/19 -Great value for a superior dinner. Thursday evenings feature a limited menu with a 2 for $48 price, including a glass of wine and salad for each diner. I enjoyed a terrific medium-rare filet mignon, and others in our group praised the sea scallops. This club is open to non-club members on weekday evenings, and each night has a featured menu. I will be back soon!

1/24/19 - First time we ate at the club since we got steak was perfect!  Our group all loved their great is that!  Kudos to the chef, who came around to tables!! - Joy

1/9/19 - Ian, Marc and I are sitting in the 19th Hole as I write.  We wanted to say that both food and music are excellent! This is by far the best band we have ever heard here with a fantastic song selection. James has again served up a wonderful dinner with some of the best meatballs I have had, next to mine, of course. Thought you should know. Lisa and Marc Santoro

12/1/18- We love the delicious food and friendly service at the 19th Hole restaurant. The chef is terrific, the food beautifully presented, the staff pleasant and professional.

11/14/18- Sunday Brunch: The brunch is very good.  Lots of choices and very tasty.  Staff are friendly and helpful. Wish they had had waffles or pancakes.

10/20/18 - Beautiful place and very friendly people.


2/2/18- Delicious prime rib, excellent service! The vegetables were out if this world! Can't wait to dine again!

2/1/18 -  Pasta bar dinner last night was awesome. Then dancing with a trio who were not only great musicians but singers as well!! Loved the saxophone!!

1/8/18- "Great view of the golf course from your window seat" - The Boca Royale restaurant is part of the beautiful Boca Royale Community. Their restaurant and golf course is open to the public. The restaurant has wonderful food of all types and prices. I have only been there for lunch several times, but I have a good friend who purchased a new home there and absolutely loves their cuisine.

12/25/17 - Our family had wonderful Christmas dinner buffet today. Outstanding food and service. It’s a privilege to belong to this outstanding club.

11/29/17 -Casual attire on Wednesday evening, collared shirts, no denim. We had a party of 12, all of whom raved about the dining experience. A pasta bar with numerous selections cooked to order as you watch, salad and a nice house wine rounded out our dinner. You may also order off the dinner menu if you prefer. A duo provided music and some patrons were observed dancing. Our server, Kristin, deserves kudos for keeping all the checks in order...not one mistake! Definitely worth a night with a return visit very much in the cards. Enjoy!!

11/29/17- New chef doing a great job and front of the house staff works hard to please you. Great menu, the pasta bar on Wednesday is a real treat. This place is a can’t miss if you live or are visiting Englewood, Florida. Give it a try

11/4/17- What a beautiful setting! I attended the WCR Fashion Show for a luncheon. Had salad with grilled chicken along with strawberry shortcake for dessert.

11/2/17 - Excellent food, service and top notch entertainment! Wednesday's Dance Nights are open to the public!

10/2/17 - “good food, good golf”. Boca Royale is a nice golf course and a better restaurant. The lunch menu is a really good take if you are looking for a light meal and will not break the bank, especially during the " offseason ".

9/30/17- "Let’s Eat Englewood". Four in our party ate at Boca Royal on Friday, during Lets Eat Englewood. Not only was the food excellent, but the choices for this special menu was outstanding. The ladies had the red snapper dish, and the men had the twin tornadoes, both were marvelous. The atmosphere is elegant, but comfortable, with great views of the golf course. I want to mention, they welcome the public, and that our Ladies group has our annual Xmas luncheon there.

8/25/17 - Love the new chef! The new chef, Bruce, has done great things with the menu. From fresh seafood to gluten free choices. I love the freshly made soups and the take out menu for those of us who want great food fast.

6/30/17 - “First impressions”. My business partner and I visited the club yesterday to have lunch and find out about a social membership. Lunch was very, very good and the service from Mary was exceptional. The GM, Ian, was gracious and informative. Overall, the ambiance was comfortable and classy. It seems like the perfect place for us to entertain guests and enjoy the beautiful clubhouse and grounds.

6/6/17 – “It Keeps Getting Better.”I have been a resident of Englewood (and Boca Royale for the past 10 years). In this time the restaurant has undergone many changes. Some of them good and some not so good. However, in the past few years the restaurant has shown a consistent improvement due to new management and staff. More importantly the improvement in the overall experience has greatly improved. The most recent changes in the restaurant is even more noticeable now, due to the addition of our new chef, Scott Lagasse. In the short time he has been there, he as improved an already good menu and is currently in the process of revamping the daily menus. One of his new menu items is a seafood gratin. If you like seafood, this dish should not be missed. Large chunks of Lobster, shrimp and scallops in a New England Cheese sauce. Comfort food at its best. Boca has a breakfast buffet on the last Sunday of the month during the summer. The buffet is always one of my favorite outings during the season, but that has been upgraded and should not be missed during the summer months. Last, but certainly not least, the Friday night menu has been totally revamped and should not be overlooked as a place to go on Friday night during the summer months. The highlight of the menu is the fish fry. While the headliner continues to be the haddock, which has always been one of my favorites, they have added, Fried oysters, Ipswich Clams and Scallops to the menu. this past week, I tried the oysters and the clams and give them rave reviews. In addition, they have brought back the build your own burger, which includes a great fix'ens bar. Reservations are strongly suggested because I am sure that this is going to be a busy place on Friday nights. I know, you will be able to find me there. Also check out the Thursday night 2 for $42.00 menu. This is always a hit and the chef always has a special menu for your appetite. A glass of wine, an entree and a salad. What's not to like.

6/2/17 – “Dining with a Golf Course View”.Our plein air painting group often enjoys lunch after morning painting at Boca Royal, our favorite place for lunch. The dining room is surrounded by full walls of class- the view is outstanding. The luncheon menu has variety and pleases everyone. Prices are reasonable. There are table linens to add to the relaxing ambiance. Wait staff are friendly and prompt. We have always been very pleased- you will too.

6/3/17 - Wow, what a great meal on Friday night!I'm glad we were got to experience Chef Lagasse's first Friday Night's Fish Fry!We are counting on many more great meals prepared by our new chef. Two of us had the Oyster dinner, one had the Ipswich clams and the fourth had a vegetarian treat. I heard nothing but compliments about the meal and the service.Thanks to Phyllis and her great team, an enjoyable evening was had by all.I should also point out that I've heard some really nice comments about last Sunday's brunch.Our new chef did some nice tweaking and made some small changes which made a great buffet even better.On behalf of my group, thank you Ian for assembling a great team.Harvey Thorp

4/11/17 - “Great Food. Giant Crab Cake”Pleasant wait staff. Delicious food. We took our son there and he loved it. Another time took visitors from New Jersey they thought it was super.

4/5/17 - New greens and a classic tree lined layout with ample water and sand traps greet the players at Boca Royale. A nice test for golfers of all abilities with 5 tee decks to be fair for all. A nice dining room awaits at the turn for lunch or dinner & drinks after the round. Friendly helpful staff round out the experience.

4/5/17- “Couldn't have been better. ”From our understanding this was “Pub night”. Meaning dining and entertainment. The place was packed and understandably so. The service was great considering the amount of customers there. The food, on a scale from 1 - 10, was an 8.5. The server, Tyler, was very informative and helpful. The entertainers did a nice quiet first set. Then they picked it up. They had the dance floor packed. In or out of season this is THE spot in Englewood, FL.

3/24/17- “Delightful peaceful dining”.  Very pleasant for dinner. Very beautiful setting. Service was excellent. We went with friends on a Friday night and it was not crowded like most of the restaurants in this area. I had grouper which was okay but my husband had scallops which he said were divine. We all had a flan type pudding for dessert that was fabulous.

3/25/17 -“Outstanding and delicious” My wife and I were meeting friends, and we had not been there for several years, so we decided to give it a try, knowing that the expansion of the housing there at the club was tremendous under the new ownership. We looked at the wide selections offered at lunch...and all of us selected salads, but one of our guests was not a fan of the waitress suggested that since he loved all the other items, maybe the chef would make it on a bed of fresh fruit rather than greens. We all thought that request would be declined or at a minimum, an upgrade....but no they made a sumptuous yet different coconut shrimp salad on a bed of fresh fruit instead of greens....and he loved it. Great service, reasonable prices, wonderful views if you like eating overlooking the golf course. We did. What a close convenient place to eat and so close to Englewood Isles where we live during the season

3/26/17 - “Lovely spot”,Nice menu, good food and service. Never a disappointment.  A great place for lunch with the ladies following golf, a couples dinner or holiday celebration.

1/15/17 - Came here with a party of 10 for my husband's birthday for the Sunday Breakfast Buffet last Sunday. We got in promptly at 10, and had Tyler as our server, who took good care of us, constantly refilling our waters and coffees, and removing our dishes, and discreetly giving me the check at the end! It was fairly quiet as it was early and also early "in the season". Everyone enjoyed the food and went back for more! It included a fresh omelet station, eggs benedict, ham carving station, bacon, 2 kinds of sausage, biscuits and gravy, corned beef hash, blueberry cheese blintzes, Danish, muffins, scones, lots of fresh fruit, breakfast potatoes, some salads , and cookies and apple cobbler. Some of us had Mimosas ($3) and Bloody Mary ($5). The staff is friendly and helpful and didn't rush us out. We will be back again!! Be sure to ask for Tyler!

1/9/17 - “Drinks at the bar”The bartender was very friendly and very attentive. They have an especially good draft beer that I enjoyed. The atmosphere is very pleasant and I will be back.

12/30/16 - "Delicious Thanksgiving buffet!"Party of six for Thanksgiving dinner buffet, We were seated in the lower level corner table and able to view part of the beautiful golf course, birds of different species feeding on the grounds, a beautiful setting from almost any seat in the dining area. Now to the food. Menu for the day is too extensive to list all the items but the main dishes were carved turkey, carved ham, carved prime rib, baked salmon and many, many side dishes too numerous to mention. We did have a vegetarian at our table and she found many sides items to complete her dinner. From appetizers to a great assortment of desserts you could not miss dining here. Wait staff was very friendly and attentive, the manager stopping by checking to be sure all was well at our table. Special drink of the day was a "poinsettia", made with champagne, cranberry juice with a slice of lime. The restaurant was full but we were not rushed and spent a leisurely 2 hrs. enjoying this Holiday.

11/25/16 - Third year in a row for Thanksgiving Dinner. Excellent, excellent, excellent!! No cooking, no clean up! My kind of meal. Food was great and tasty; service was outstanding. I couldn't find anything to complain about. I highly recommend.

9/22/16 - We decided to try BR G & CC for dinner and order from the Lets Eat Englewood Menu. Excellent choice. We all chose the Brie & Almond appetizer which was presented beautifully and tasted wonderful. The ladies chose the Sea Bass entree which was plated well and cooked to perfection. The men chose the Filet Mignon which was beautiful and perfectly done. There were 3 choices for dessert so 2 had Key Lime Pie and the others had Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie and Apple Crisp in pie shape. Wow, all very good. So glad we came and we will definitely return.

9/16/16 - I just never get here as often as I would like. You will experience wonderful food, service and atmosphere. Then you will be so pleasantly surprised that such a relaxing place to dine is also a pleasingly great value as well. It always feels like a special occasion when you sit back here, gazing out over the beautiful golf course, while sitting in a comfortable chair. The tables are set with white linens and substantial tableware. The holiday buffets are also a delightful treat, beautifully decorated and making a holiday feel festive. Try it - you are likely to return regularly. Everyone I have introduced to Boca Royale has been impressed by it.

9/2/16 - “GETTING BETTER ALL THE TIME!!!!”I am really very glad that I stopped in here today for lunch, because the CRAB CAKE that I ordered was truly out of this world!!!! For $13.50 you not only get that fabulous crab cake, but a lovely mélange of fresh vegetables (not the usual mish-mash that some restaurants call "mixed vegetables) and rice pilaf. I don't care for rice, so I asked if I could have fries instead. That was not a problem. So glad Ginger was on call to take my order, because she is the best in that establishment. Always greets you with a genuine smile and treats you in her very special way. Coffee was a bit weaker than I remember, or is my memory not serving me right? I always thought of the coffee here as one of the best around, because it was strong and flavorful. Don't get me wrong, it was not bad at all, just a bit on the weak side. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE - OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

8/4/16 - “The Chef hit it out of the ballpark.”Last night we invited our friends from the Plantation in Venice to join us for dinner at our club. Oh my! Everything was just so good. Jerry & I had the Veal Marsala, medallions of veal tenderloin, pounded thin, briefly sautéed with domestic mushrooms, de-glazed with a sweet Marsala demi glaze & finished with heavy cream. Louise had the Tempura Jumbo Shrimp; gulf white shrimps dipped in Asian tempura batter & deep fried, served with a sweet glaze. Doug had the North Atlantic Salmon Filet, marinated in herbs, olive oil & white balsamic glaze, charbroiled & served with a tomato & olive relish. We all agreed what we had was just the best and of course our server Tyler was excellent.

7/15/16 - “Good food and service”Beautiful views of the golf course while you enjoy a relaxed meal. The cocktails are good, too. In all the years that I have come to this restaurant, I've never had a bad server. Plenty of smiles all around. It is especially a great place for lunch at Christmas time. The Christmas tree and decorations are wonderful.

6/22/16 - We frequent the Boca Royale Club throughout the year. The Sunday brunch, held every Sunday in season or the last Sunday of the month off season, is incredible. The food is fabulous and varied: fresh fruit, pastries, egg station, carving station, salads, bacon, sausage, eggs Benedict, potatoes, cheesy grits.... Our favorite is the blintzes topped with blueberry compote.....seriously to die for. We have eaten at the Club during lunch and dinner, as well. The food is always delicious and nicely plated. Check out their website where you will find their phone number. CALL AND MAKE A RESERVATION!!!!😄As a matter of fact, you have to reserve a table. How nice is that? Even in the busy season, you make a reservation, appear, and are seated!!!! What more can you ask for? Reserve, come in, sit, and enjoy.

5/10/16 - “Superb Food”. They are open to the public, but only offer dinner Wed-Thurs. Thurs night, in addition to a full menu, they have a 2-for $42 menu. You get 2 glasses of wine, 2 salads, and choice of one of 4 entrées. This week was Tempura Lobster, Chilean Sea Bass, Pork Chop or Rib Eye. We usually get the Sea Bass. It is perfectly cooked, and artfully presented. The club is lucky to have such a superb chef. The rest of the menu has some creative entrées too. Enjoy your meal in a very nice but friendly 'country club' environment. Get on their email list and they will tell you what their specials are each week.

5/9/16 - We had lunch at The Club this Friday and I tried the hot lobster roll! I have never had a better lobster roll anywhere! It was so delicious I'm afraid they will run out of them with all the excellent reviews being posted! There need to be more stars for this review...five is simply not enough! And by the way, my non-fish eating husband loved the Monte Cristo sandwich special he had too! Boca Royale Is a beautiful location for excellent service, delicious food and drink and making new memories with friends and family!

3/30/16 -"Great food, great service, great views."Lunch today was fabulous: Mom's Monte Cristo was a hit (French toast ham and cheese with syrup). Dad's fish and chips was the biggest serving of fish we'd ever seen, and so tasty. Hubby's lobster roll was heaven; we highly suggest upgrading to the sweet potato waffle fries. I had the Caesar with grilled salmon, possibly the best I've ever had. Lovely to look out onto the beautiful golf course, it was one of those clear sunny days. Perfect lunch spot, and not very expensive! Going back every time we visit, for sure!

3/19/16 - “Beautiful venue - great food!” We had lunch with another couple. I had the "tenderloin" salad - tender beef atop greens with nuts and cranberries - it was delicious, and the beef was nearly fork tender. DH had the Cubano, which was huge, and our friends had fish and chips and soup and sandwich. The soups are all homemade, and the vegetable and clam chowder were both crowd pleasers. The views of the golf course were just beautiful, and it was fun to watch the golfers tee off. We arrived with no reservations, but the hostess suggested them in season. Our friend that live in Englewood year round said it's never a problem.

2/27/16 - Wonderful pleasant setting overlooking golf course.  Excellent food and service. Linen table cloths and good food at reasonable prices.

1/30/16 – “Lunch with a view".Lunch today, sunny and a good view of the golf course. Lobster sandwich for both on a buttered and grilled roll. Wife choose the onion rings for a dollar more and I got the chips. Ask for extra napkins as the sandwich was really buttered. Onion rings were the best we have had in a long time, a very light batter. Ice tea was full strength not watered down.

1/16/16 - “Lovely view of the Golf Course”. This venue is lovely for lunch- at that time of day there is a varied and reasonably priced menu. Service is personal and prompt. I have only been there from Spring through the Fall. There are no crowds at that time. Crab cakes and coconut shrimp are my friend's favorites.

12/25/15 - "Wonderful Experience, Food & Service equals Excellence". This has been a traditional favorite of our family and friends for years. Never disappoints! We celebrated Christmas at Boca Royale, from the time we arrived; we were greeted with truly the warmest hospitality, by all of the staff. They are truly delightful professionals. We loved the buffet, delicious flavors, beautiful presentation, lots of food stations so it never felt crowded. Great selection of meats, seafood, vegetarian and delicious desserts! We have returned with friends on 2 other occasions. Great cocktails, the steak and lobster tail were perfect, the haddock was moist and flaky, and again the servers were very attentive and gave top notch service. Each time we dined here, the general manager and the food and beverage manager stopped by the table. Wednesday night is Italian night, great specials with live music for dancing! Always a treat for Dinner at Boca Royale.

12/20/15 - “Excellent quality, innovative menu.” First off, this Dining facility is open to the Public. Reservations are recommended. I have had the Sunday Brunch and it was outstanding with many Breakfast and Lunch choices. Wednesday is usually Pasta night with various Italian dishes offered. Package price with meal, salad, and a glass of wine cannot be beat. Quality and preparation excellent. Service was OK.

11/15/15 - The Sunday Brunch at Boca Royale was wonderful. Had a party of 18 for my Dad's 85th birthday. Food was excellent, and the service was just outstanding. Ginger was right there making sure we all had everything we needed. Kudos to all of you for making every one of us feel special. Looking forward to coming back again.

11/6/15 - “Excellent” This place is a very nice place with good drink specials in the afternoon... played a round of golf with buddies here and then had lunch... had one of the salads... not really for foodies but a nicely ran establishment the manager David and bartender Kristy were both very accommodating and professional. Great job too bad I don't golf more often!

11/5/15 - Chef Bill...thanks so much for taking care of me at the farm to table luncheon yesterday. The event was excellent. The fact that you provided a vegetarian option for me without being requested is very impressive. Dick Volk

9/13/15 - “Nice place for a luncheon.” Had a women's luncheon here last spring and it was very nice. Service and food were good. We've also had breakfast here on Sunday's and have had good food and service. Nice views of the golf course too!

9/6/15 - “Really Classy”. My wife and I have always hesitated to try this restaurant because it seemed too upscale and stuffy. We ended up eating there twice and we were very pleased. The food, service and restaurant were excellent. The only complaint we had was the tip is added into the bill. That was all very up front and not hidden. The service warranted the tip both times, but if it was below par you would still pay. We were asked both times by the waitress and management how our meals were.

8/17/15 - Well prepared and presented food in a lovely peaceful setting [dining room]. Black Bean patties were a nice surprise. Appreciated the attentive staff. We felt warmly welcomed.

7/25/15 - “Amazing lobster tail dinner” On Thursday evening at Boca Royale Golf & Country Club they offer a special, 2 glasses of wine, 2 salads and a choice of 2 entrées. I believe all for $42.00 ++ and the public is welcomed. We had the North Atlantic lobster tail coated with macadamia nuts & panko crumbs, pan fried and topped with an orange hollandaise sauce. It was the best I've ever had.

6/30/15 - Upon entering the Georgian Club House, you can't help but notice the wonderful walls of glass. Reminds me of the now closed Summer House on Siesta Key. You can see in air conditioning , while you enjoy golf course vistas. The staff is warm and friendly making sure your dining experience is a good one. If you're lucky enough to play golf, enjoy the old Florida style layout and be prepared for a pleasant challenge. Not too hard, not to easy. The greens are elevated and smallish. The grass definitely having grain. They are not as fast as some of the newer clubs but they are in good shape and true. At the half be sure and have a grilled burger or hot dog. They have them fresh off the grill on the patio. You can even call your order in from number eight, so no waiting. Boca Royale is a hidden gem in Englewood. Minutes from the beach, golf tennis with a great teaching Pro and an ever improving restaurant. A Club experience.

6/28/15 - Brunch is only offered one Sunday each month in the summer but we went today and it was wonderful. There was a wide selections of "serve-yourself" items as well as a carving station and omelette's bar. Eggs Benedict, grits, potatoes, sausage, biscuits and gravy are just a few of the items available.

6/11/15 - “Wonderful staff, excellent food and reasonable priced”. Walking into the elegant lobby we were greeted by a friendly hostess who asked if we had a reservation. We didn't and she still walked us to a wonderful table in their 19th hole dining room. We had a delicious dinner the waitress was very nice and the entertainment was enjoyable as well. The price was very reasonable considering they had entertainment. Some people were dress semi-formal and others like us casual. It was a pleasant experience and would recommend to anyone.

6/8/15 -“Best Experience in Englewood” We had lunch before a round of golf and it was so great we went back another night for dinner. Dinner was excellent too. This was our best dining while vacationing in Venice and Englewood. It's a bit refined but not formal in any way. Prices are very reasonable too. Oh, and we really enjoyed the golf course. It's beautiful and challenging. The golf shop staff, starter and marshall could be more cordial and helpful but, they were okay.

4/17/15 - We have been here for Sunday Brunch and dinner. The ambiance is that of a private club, but it is open to the public. The food and service are first class and the prices are reasonable for what you get. The fish fry on Friday night is delicious and the portions of haddock are ample. I had the Steak Diane and it was done just right. The piano music during brunch is an added benefit. We will go back again.

4/2/15 - We took advantage of the "2 for $42" special. 2 glasses of wine, 2 salads and 2 entrées for $42 and it was terrific. It was Holy Thursday so the restaurant was not especially busy. We were seated in the main dining room which is quite nice but intimate. We had pork and veal and both meals were excellent. Service was outstanding from the hostess to the server to the busboy. I can say that I don't recall ever having a more pleasant dining experience for less than $55 including tax & tip.

3/26/15 - We had lunch here with friends. To begin with the ambiance is excellent with beautiful views of the golf course. There is a lot of window area so you can look out from anywhere in the room although the seating along the windows is best. There are also some tables outside on the patio. The food was very good. We all had sandwiches which were freshly prepared and tasty. Service was excellent. Be aware that they do automatically add a 20% tip to the bill. This didn't bother me a bit since I would have tipped at least that much anyway.

3/23/15 -“Don't miss this wonderful brunch!!” 5 of 5 stars Reviewed March 23, 2015 ; A very classy and sumptuous brunch is offered only on Sundays. Omelette's bar, fresh fruit, carved ham along with the traditional fixings Cheese blitzes and apple cobbler to die for. Pianist playing live music/professional and skilled staff. Great ambiance and reasonably priced at $15pp! Would definitely be back.

1/16/15 - We visited friends in Venice and they suggested we eat lunch here as it was quiet and we could have a good conversation. We were seated by a window and were able to watch the golfers tee off. We chose the crab cake and the chicken Cobb salad. The crab cake was full of crab and was served with sweet potato fries. The Cobb salad was also very generous with a lot of chicken! Service was wonderful and dining room was well appointed.

12/31/14 - Getting on in years I didn't want my wife to cook for the family as it's too much work for her. We decided, as a family, to go to our Club for Christmas Dinner. It was a first for us. We were seated immediately (reservations needed) the vast selection and preparation of food excellent, the ambiance festive…everything was perfect and there were no dishes, pots and pans to clean up when we got home. Even our one-and-a-half year-old grand daughter had fun.

12/25/14 - This is at least the 3rd Christmas dinner we have enjoyed at Boca and we were not disappointed. Our son and daughter-in-law from Nova Scotia joined us. Food is not the only reason we continue to enjoy this restaurant. It is an elegant setting with staff who are very pleasant and well trained. We were seated next to the floor to ceiling glass windows. Our son, an avid golfer, was pleased to enjoy this view in December. It is definitely a place we will return to time and time again. By the way, the food was delicious.

12/13/14 - Great event last evening! Absolutely flawless and superb affair in every way. Staff and Service: Exceptional...again. Food: Fantastic. Chef Bill is one of the best things to happen to the Club. Entertainment: Perfect. Great music selection, location and sound level. Brian.

7/30/14 - Today my nephew Bobby and his wife Ester, came to visit. We took them to our club for lunch. Jerry, asked our waitress Ginger if the chef can make a trifle for dessert as it wasn't on the menu. The chef came out and asked Jerry, what kind of trifle he wanted and also said he didn't have sponge cake but had pound cake. So Jerry, went on to say pound cake, strawberries, whip cream, vanilla ice cream and the pound cake soaked in Frangelica liqueur. To our surprise  "Voila" Jerry's creation done by our chef Bill. Bobby & Ester, were surprised that our chef went out of his way to make Jerry's special dessert. But for us it's not the first time. If there's something we want and it's not on the menu they will make it as long as they have the ingredients. They are here to make us happy and to satisfy us. And that they do.

6/6/2014 -We went to Boca Royale because they were having a Thursday night special , two salads , two entrées , two drinks for 32:00 , the Salads were fresh and very tasty  I ordered the Cioppino with shrimp , mussels , scallops , clams , and fish in a light zesty tomato broth , very good , my wife had the Roast Pork , with potatoes and veggies , she loved it , good size portions , fast friendly service , great views of the golf course , we will be back.

6/7/2014 - In an area of many restaurants, the quality of the food and dining experience has become, in the last year, one of the best. Whether casual dining at the 19th Hole, or at the Fairway dining room, Chef Bill and his staff have created great menu choices backed up with excellent food and service. As a member, we've enjoyed wonderful special events as well as wine dinners and pool parties. The Sunday brunch is "top notch" in quality and variety of dishes. Highly recommended for your own special event, too!

5/28/2014 - If you are looking for a comfortable ambiance where your conversations with others are not drowned out by noise,, this is the place for you. After ordering you can watch the golfers or the sandhill cranes. The clam chowder is the best on the Florida gulf coast and they don't skimp on the clams! I love their wrap sandwiches and any seafood. The menu is complete for every appetite; when you get the check you won't fall off the chair when you see the total. If you live in the area, one of the best restaurants in the locale. If you are visiting you just won't want to turn this suggestion down for lunch or dinner. Delicious opportunity.

3/7/14 - Just a quick note to let you know that my first dining experience at your fine restaurant won’t be my last!  Everything about the experience was EXCELLENT, from the greeting by your hostess, the great wine and food and most of all by your very professional waitress – I believe her name is Kristy.  She did so many little things, without my having to ask, it just made the entire evening for my first time date and me very enjoyable.  Thank you and your fine staff!

3/21/14 -  We were vacationing and staying with friends last week in Venice. A family member of theirs recently purchased a property at Boca Royale....we had a great (and very reasonably priced) lunch there. Very quiet, great service! I think people are unaware this is open to the public. We returned for dinner on Friday; while the food was still excellent, the service was slow. Our server was new and was unable to answer most questions..... We didn't know that reservations were suggested but they did fit us in. The food was worth the wait!

2/7/14 - This restaurant has been up and down over several years but I found last night that it has turned the corner in the right direction. Two couples had meals including snapper, grouper and liver and onions. All were very good. I had macadamia crusted scallops as an appetizer and they were very large and delicious. Service was very good. My only reservation is that it was a little pricey but not overly so. I'll be back soon.

12/20/13 - "This year's Holiday Gala was the best in the past 10 years - and Yes - I have attended them all" - Roger Boulanger

12-20/14 -“ Sunday brunch was awesome!!!” This brunch was very good and the view/atmosphere was delightful! The food selections were just right! The piano player added a positive "note" to this visit! So glad this club is open to the public!

1/2/2014 -Ian, You and your team orchestrated the best New Year's Eve party ever, I believe.  Great food...Chef Bill outdid himself.  Great Service....David and Kiersa deserve big applause on that!  Entertainment...Scott has a new calling, maybe? Thank You All for making a great evening - Brian Splan

12/2014 - Ian, Yesterday my wife and I joined the Manganello Sunday golf group in playing 9 holes and then having brunch at the club. We thought the food selection and quality were outstanding and the price of $12.95 was very reasonable. We will be telling our friends at Boca and our friends outside of Boca what a value we have here Sunday mornings. Thank You, Mike & Rose Hutchinson

2/7/14 - This restaurant has been up and down over several years but I found last night that it has turned the corner in the right direction. Two couples had meals including snapper, grouper and liver and onions. All were very good. I had macadamia crusted scallops as an appetizer and they were very large and delicious. Service was very good. My only reservation is that it was a little pricey but not overly so. I'll be back soon.

3/7/14 -Just a quick note to let you know that my first dining experience at your fine restaurant won’t be my last!  Everything about the experience was EXCELLENT, from the greeting by your hostess, the great wine and food and most of all by your very professional waitress – I believe her name is Kristy.  She did so many little things, without my having to ask, it just made the entire evening for my first time date and me very enjoyable.  Thank you and your fine staff!

3/21/14 - We were vacationing and staying with friends last week in Venice. A family member of theirs recently purchased a property at Boca Royale....we had a great (and very reasonably priced) lunch there. Very quiet, great service! I think people are unaware this is open to the public.

12/25/13 - My wife and I regularly eat at this restaurant when we are living in Englewood and we have also had several memorable Thanksgiving and Christmas meals here. The staff are always friendly and helpful and the food is good. The Sunday brunches are also unrushed and comfortable. The golf course is a hidden gem in the area. Longer established than many, with mature trees instead of villas lining most fairways, it is always enjoyable and always challenging. The treacherous 16th can spoil any card!

12/20/13 -"What a difference a year makes" - Bob Bachman

Private Parties/Weddings

4/12/2021 - Phyllis, I just wanted to pass on what so many of the members said about or Party last Tuesday. To a person, they said it was the Best we have ever had. The Appetizers and especially the shrimp were great, the Entrees were delicious and the Ice Cream did the final trick. At my table we had at least 1 of each Entrée, everyone was happy. The Staff were a cheerful group and our members commented on that also. So Thank you for a job well done! Alan 

12/22/2020 - Phyllis, thank you for all you do for me & WCR. Friday’s luncheon and meeting afterwards were the BEST ever!! The cookies were wonderful. What was left over I took back to the office & they were gone in no time. Where did you get them? Can I order more to go????

12/13/2020 - Ian - Just a short note to say Thank You to you and ALL the staff that put on the cart parade tonight - it was a great time! Not sure everyone knows how much work and planning goes into an event like tonight - but I  do - and wanted to say from my view things looked pretty close to perfect. Please pass on Jeanette’s and my thanks and appreciation to all the staff for a great Christmas function and experience. Steve

12/8/2020 - Phyllis, our Christmas party at the Resort tonight was so wonderful! The food was amazing and delicious! You could not have sent a better server than John!!! He was outstanding and personable and accommodating! We look forward to another event in the future at Boca. All the ladies were very pleased. Thank you so much!! Jill

10/22/2020 - New Jersey Club and Friends Inc. Dear Phyllis, Thank you so much for the excellent service today. Please let your staff know about it, as well as Boca Royale management. The Ladies Tea was outstanding. kind regards, Dennis Kaps. President

2/2/2020 - Phyllis,I'm certain we are the only joint members of Boca Royale and The Writers Guild. As such, we have heard nothing but compliments for your presentation. Beautiful job by all involved. You can serve us that meal anytime. Your staff hit that ball out of the park.Thank you!Judi and Bart Dean

2/2/2020 - Dear Phyllis, Thank you for graciously hosting our Suncoast Writers Guild 30th Anniversary luncheon. You and your staff are the best. Your facility is the best. And the food was over-the-top wonderful. May we reserve the same room for next year, February 6, 2021? Thank you. Best regards, Harry T. Barnes, President, Suncoast Writers Guild

12/15/19 - Dear Phyllis and Ian, I just wanted to send praise for you and your staff for the service that we received for the dinner last night.  The food was delicious and served in a very timely manner.  I had so many wonderful compliments especially from those who are our members.  Thank you for renting and setting up the chairs for the concert.  It all worked out wonderfully and I am so very grateful!!  I estimate that with the donations we received we probably raised around $8,000. I told several of your servers and Kiersa as well what a wonderful job they did!!  Please let your staff know!! Rose Hutchinson

11/21/19 - Hi Ian, Just couldn’t let the day go by without letting you know how appreciative I am of the staff we have at our club!  Phyllis has worked with me from the beginning to the end and calmed all my fears and together with her crew did a fantastic job!  Everyone pitched in wherever something needed to be done!  John, Kathleen, Fran, Neolani, Kiersa and not sure of who the other servers were, but they all did a great job.  While I have only been with the chorus for three years, they have put on many such functions and they all commented that this was the best by far! Our luncheon plate was delicious and the chicken was especially good, tasty and tender!  There were many raves about Phyllis’ delicious apple strudel, too! Since I was the chairwoman for this function and recommended Boca, I wanted it to be a success.  And so it was!  I was very proud today to say I’m a “Boca Babe”, which is what we tennis gals call ourselves!!! Please make sure you extend our thanks to all the staff at the club from the kitchen to the front desk for a job well done! Fran Miller 

5/20/19 - Fun, fun party with delicious food and a beautiful setting.I did the Electric Slide for the first time!!!Thank you!

4/14/19 - Ian - Want to pass along to you what a great job the Club did last night catering our party at the Resort pool. Phyllis was wonderful to work with. She put together a great menu selection and organized / coordinated all the activities which turned out terrifically. Chef Music’s food was top of the line with everyone commenting on how great things tasted as well as the wide selection. And finally want you to know what a great job Ginger, Ryan, Allison and Courtney did. They were the perfect staff for the party and blended in perfectly making everyone feel welcome. I especially appreciated how they were so welcoming to our family visiting from out of town. All in all the Boca Club was a home run for the Fleming family. We please pass along our sincere thanks to all involved. Steve and Jeanette 

3/2/19 -Dick and I just wanted to say how wonderful and smooth the luncheon was yesterday.  You ALL did a great job and many of our guests complimented the meal and the decor and how lovely Boca Royale is. They were all very impressed and made mo qualms about letting us know that would be great for next year. We especially wanted to compliment your staff as they were so thoughtful and helpful with all of the little things they did for us.  I was excited to see Dalton there as he was one of my students at Myakka River. I just looked at the calendar and next year would be Feb 28th.  We would very much like to return to have our Suncoast Annual Golf/Luncheon with you at Boca Royale.THANKS AGAIN FOR A GREAT MEAL AND GREAT DAY !!!!

Dick and Joan Merring.

2/22/19- Hello Phyllis, First we would like to thank you for the extra effort put forth by you and your staff to make our luncheon yesterday very special for us. Your efforts were sincerely appreciated. The food was excellent and the apple strudel you made especially for us was exceptional. Thank you. Gail McCrate

2/13/19 - Talk about beautiful & delicious; This gorgeous property has mature live oak trees and a lake for posing our bridal parties in their wedding videos. The chef and wait staff does an amazing job of creating some of the most delicious meals I've ever had. Keep up the good work and I will continue to recommend your fine wedding venue to anyone who asks! :) Leslie Harris-Senac

1/2/19 - Phyllis, We’d like to thank you for helping make our New Year’s Eve celebration with our Boca friends a huge success. As always, you went out of your way to accommodate us on all levels and for that and more we are blessed to have you in our community. We’re looking forward to an exciting year here at Boca and sharing many more exciting and fun times alongside you. Happy New Year! Tom and Sandy Thaxton

12/18/18 - Re:  Talon Bay Christmas Party @ Boca Royale, Friday, December 14, 2018 Dear Phyllis: Janet and I want to thank you and your entire staff for making this an “event to remember”.Everything was excellent! The food was fabulous and the service impeccable.The wait staff was friendly and fun and the service and timing was like precision clock-work.Please share this letter with your chef and Kiersa and the entire wait staff.They were wonderful. It was a perfect night.We were so impressed Janet will be calling very soon to book us for next year.Thank you again. Sincerely, Janet DePrisco, Bobbie Ferguson. Event Committee Talon Bay Community

12/12/18 - Phyllis: I would to thank you and your staff for making our party very delightful. They were fun people and always cheerful. My hat is off to your chef very one raved about the prime rib. Thank you for telling me that we could change the menu. The other menu items were very good as usual. Thank you especially for being so helpful and easy to work with it has been easy for me. See you all next year and wish everyone a safe an happy holidays to all. Len - Courtside tennis club

8/3/18 - Ian, I just got married at Boca Royale last weekend! My husband and I had just the greatest day ever! Phyllis is the best!!! She is quite the event coordinator and we are so thankful for all her help and dedication to our special day and having things run smoothly! The food was DELICIOUS, the staff was friendly and very attentive. I’m still raving about Phyllis and the Boca venue to family and friends. Just wanted to pass along how great Phyllis and the rest of the staff are. They get an A+ in my book!! Adara & Stephan Spanninger

5/4/18 - I don't have Phyllis' email but want to tell her what a fantastic job she did in scheduling and arranging the banquet last night for the graduating class of dental hygienists at State College Florida.It could not have gone better.And, the wait staff and food were superb.Please pass this message on to Phyllis, the staff, and the chef!

3/17/18 - Spectacular Wedding Day at the Boca Royale CC. Had the Pleasure to be a part of this Beautiful Wedding Day from Start to The “Send Off “ Very Well Done to the Banquet Manager and the entire Friendly Staff. 1st Class Superb Service. Food was Yummy Delicious

3/4/18 - Kelly McLean Wise— 5 star We would like to thank Phyllis the banquet manager for the outstanding job with our daughter’s wedding. There was not one thing missing she was on top of everything and helped create a fairy tale wedding for our daughter. The food was outstanding. The presentation and over all experience was spot on. All of the staff was accommodating and made you feel welcome. The service was impeccable. Thank you everyone!! Phyllis we couldn’t have created this without you. Thank you my friend.

2/27/18 - Phyllis, Just wanted to say how wonderful everything turned out for Daniel and Sarah’s wedding reception.All our guests stated that the food was so good as was the service.Thank you for your part in making this such a successful event. Peggy Edwardson

1/5/18 - The ladies from the former “Curves” exercise place in Englewood had a wonderful time today at our “reunion” luncheon. Everything was fantastic!I had so many of them asking me if the restaurant is open to the public (amazing that they are local but don’t know the answer to that). And a few wanted specific information about which days/ nights, what the menus are, etc., etc.Your staff did an amazing job of feeding over 30 women who were busy “yakking” and not paying attention to anything else.It was great being in the Fairway room where we could be “ourselves” and because it was the first time we’ve been together since Curves closed almost a year ago, they didn’t want to leave.Again, thanks to you and your staff – it was memorable and they want to do it again – Yikes!!! Hugs, Bonnie Bentzen

12/5/17 - Phyllis, Thank you once again for a fine evening. I heard nothing but compliments regarding the food and the Service Staff. The Clubhouse decorations set the tone for an elegant Christmas. Please reserve Tuesday, December 4, 2018 for us next year. Also reserve Tuesday, March 13, 2018 for our Spring Party. Thanks again, Alan

12/4/17 - Phyllis : I would like to thank you and all staff kitchen and wait for a lovely party . I have not heard anything but raves about the food and the entire atmosphere of the setting at Boca Royale. I look forward to next year and working with you and Boca Royale. Happy holidays to you and all at club. Thanks again. Len at Courtside Tennis Club

12/1/17 -"Beautiful venue for a wedding."  A beautiful place to hold any event, but especially for a wedding. The atrium was perfect for our daughter’s ceremony (100+ guests) and the 19th hole room is the perfect place for 120+ dancing and dining guests. Phyllis, the venue coordinator, is professional, good listener, very attentive and kind as we prepared for the wedding. The staff is friendly and attentive and the chef is great. Thank you Boca Royale for making this wedding a very special one.

10/16/17 - Thank you for giving us a beautiful place to have our daughter’s wedding yesterday, Oct. 14. The food was great, the wedding hall was perfect and so was the reception room, the 19th Hole. Your staff were all friendly and professional and Phyllis, she is the best.

7/7/17 - Good Morning Phyllis, I have been meaning to send you a thank you for helping us have such a wonderful baptism brunch on June 25th for my daughter. From the moment we arrived at the club, everyone was just wonderful. I cannot say enough wonderful things about your staff. Our waitress, Ginger, went above and beyond to make sure we were well taken care of. Thank you again for coordinating a wonderful event for our family! Katie Knapp

4/15/17 - Hi Phyllis, Thanks you so much for putting on a wonderful banquet once again. Everything was just great and everyone raved about the food .Your staff were great also. Thanks again. Circlewoods Bowling League. Barbara Laws

4/9/17 - Thank you Phyllis from myself and all The Real Housewives of Deep Creek in Punta Gorda, FL and also to all the servers and Chef for a GREAT experience dining for lunch at your clubhouse on Saturday 4/08/2017. The room was very nicely set up and prepared for 40 guests as instructed, all the servers were efficient and friendly, and the food was hot and delicious! We hope to make it back again sometime....we want to try out some other lunch items that others had ordered because it all looked so good. Honestly, I never heard one complaint, about anything, from anyone. BRAVO!!

3/24/17 - Dear Phyllis, We want to thank you for your professionalism, planning advice and reception suggestions, as well as assurances that you displayed throughout our wedding planning through reception. We felt very confident with your guidance and this 63 year old bride had no worries on her wedding day! The meal was well prepared and I must say kudos to the bartender on those lemon drop martinis! You and your staff were so attentive to detail and the needs of our party guests. We received so many compliments on your service team. Again thank you for making our wedding reception just perfect at Boca Royale- and, Walt and I are looking at property in BR as a step up from our Venice villa. Thanks again! All the best, Margaret

3/5/17 - Did a party here of 25 and they were very sweet and all the food was delicious! My family loves this place and we had a great time even though it was for us after a funeral. This place is one of my favorite places to book for a large party... they are always very hospitable. Thank you very much! My family will be back.

2/28/17 - Phyllis, Thank you so much for helping make our day amazing!! You and your staff were so friendly, organized, and professional. We are so happy with how amazing our wedding was and all of our guests were so complementary of everything!! Sincerely, Nick and Lindsey Chapa

2/27/17 - Hello Phyllis, I just want to say thank you for the wonderful dinner we had last night. Your staff did an amazing job. The staff was helpful, attentive to the guests needs and very professional. Tino came to me several times and made sure we were taken cared for. Please thank the chef for the wonderful food. Everyone loved it. I appreciate the help you’ve given us in putting this event together especially with our budget. We look forward to doing it again next year. Warm regards, Cesar Alvarenga

VHS Soccer Booster Club

12/10/16 - “Venice Area Orchid Society Holiday Party ” - Best prime rib I have had in years served with crisp salad and delicious sides. Shrimp stuffed with crabmeat looked equally appealing with nice backfin lump crab stuffing. Generous portions served by courteous and efficient staff. Drinks from the bar were well prepared. Overall a very pleasant experience in a beautiful setting.

7/23/16 - Hi Phyllis! We really appreciate the outstanding service that you provided for our wedding on Saturday!Our guests said that they have never experienced such an efficient, accommodating staff. The food was good. Almost lost the cupcakes to a few wild dancers! I have so enjoyed working with you!You are the best! Cheers! Margaret and Walt

5/14/16 - Dear Mr. Fetigan, Having many years of experience in business management, and knowing how quick people are to complain but slow to commend, I felt compelled to thank you personally for the wonderful wedding reception your country club hosted for my son and his new bride on May 14th. Being the mother of the groom, I was not involved in selecting the location for this event - the bride's father made the initial arrangements, but he could not have picked a more perfect setting for this very special evening. A couple of months prior to the wedding, the bride and I met with Phyllis Muscatello to work out the details for the evening. Phyllis was a gem from the very beginning, and helped walk us through each and every detail in planning the event, from menu selection, color selection, ballroom setup, DJ, cake table, etc. With us being from out of town, she arranged storage for our decorations until the day of the event. When I arrived to deliver the decorations, Phyllis and another staff member assisted me in unloading and storing our decorations. Well the big day arrived and everything was right on schedule as planned. The evening could not have been better - the food and the service was fabulous and the ballroom was absolutely beautiful, but the most important thing to me was that Phyllis and her staff made each and every person feel welcome and special right down to the last detail. The key to the success of any business is the people, and you have developed tremendous banquet team!!I highly recommend the Boca Royale Golf and Country Club to others!!! Respectfully, Donna G. Tronu

5/7/16 - Ian - The staff, Chef and you made the Towers' Party a huge success.  I can't believe how easily the Boca Crew handled over two hundred party guests plus walk in diners.  If there was any hitch, it never showed.  Kudos’s to everyone for a fine evening. Thanks for your hard work.  It shows.

5/6/16 - By the way, the Towers party last evening was wonderful. You have put together such a professional and competent staff. The wait staff are now so attentive; (thank you and Phyllis), Phyllis must be a relative of yours as she is ever present and positive; Chef Bill I would adopt Chef Bill if I could. He is so sweet when I pester him with cooking questions. I am in awe of how you folks made a party for that many people look seamless. Bravo to all.  


4/9/16 - Phyllis: I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much we enjoyed our gathering at Boca Royale on Friday, April 8th.  You and your staff could not have been more cordial, helpful and pleasant. We truly had a wonderful evening and I am sure we will be coming back again soon. Thanks again, Jeri Haas, President Villas of Chestnut Creek HOA

Dear Mr. Fetigan, On January 22nd, 2016, we had a luncheon buffet at the fairway room. There are a few things that you need to know. 1.  The food was excellent and everyone was pleased. 2. The two young servers were superb. 3. The food & beverage director, Phyllis Muscatello was very professional and extremely helpful. You have a winning team, and we are looking forward to our next luncheon, on Wednesday, March 16th. Warm regards, Marie T. Kaps. Vice-President.

12/19/15 - Great reception venue. The food was delicious! The place was decorated for Christmas and looked beautiful. This was also one of the most reasonably priced locations in the Englewood area.

12/1/15 - I am so happy that I decided to have my reception at Boca Royale Country Club, it was absolutely amazing! My wedding was a little over a week ago and the staff there did an excellent job. The food was amazing and all of our guests had the best time. Nothing went wrong and the staff is there for you with open arms anytime you need them. They are true pros at this, I highly recommend them!

12/18/15 -“Excellent service and great food”. For the last 6 years our church has had it's staff Christmas party at Boca Royale. We are always given a private room and order from the menu. Every year it has been a wonderful experience but this year was extraordinary. Shannon and George were great waiters, all of the food choices were outstanding and it was a very Merry Christmas celebration. Thanks to all!

10/26/15 - Hi David, I am sorry this is late, but I wanted to thank you for the tremendous job you and your staff did for our 25th Wedding Anniversary Brunch.  Everything was perfect! I couldn't be more pleased with the way it all went together.  Please feel free to use me for a reference if you ever need to! Pam

6/6/15 - We absolutely loved our reception at Boca Royale! The room had a great view overlooking the golf course and the food was delicious. We received many compliments about the food from our guests. David, the event coordinator, was very knowledgeable and fun to work with. Sometimes it took a couple days for him to text me back, but in all fairness he is a very busy man! All in all he did an amazing job! I had no idea what I was doing but he was able to walk me through the process step by step. He helped me think of decorating ideas, the timeline for the night, and even some songs. He helped us pick out the best menu for a buffet and was even able to obtain some Cigar City (microbrewery in Tampa) kegs for us. The only negative was about the room itself, it is mainly rectangular tables and the chairs are kind of ugly. I was worried about it at first, but honestly when it was all decorated, I don't think anyone noticed or cared about the chairs or shape of the tables. I would highly recommend Boca Royale for a wedding reception.

4/7/14 - Hi David, I want to thank you and your staff for a wonderful evening. Our banquet was a huge success, the food was excellent , the service was great. Everyone complimented the beautiful room. We are looking forward to doing this again next year.  Thank you again. Barbara Laws

1/6/14 - Hi David, I can't let another hour go by without sending this to you!  It was my intention to send it yesterday so I apologize for it's tardiness.  YOU AND YOUR TEAM TOTALLY ROCKED IT OUT Saturday!  What a great time had by all, Anthony, Kiersa, Ginger and the rest of the crew were just incredible.  The food was THE BEST we have had there EVER!!  I am IN LOVE with Peruvian Poppers!!  I can't sing your praises enough.  James and I are looking forward to coming for dinner, brunch what have you in the future - and of course planning our 2014 shindig with you as well.  Please let ALL YOUR STAFF know how much we think of them! Fondly, Christine Griffith, Assistant Coach/VP Marketing, James Griffith Salons




02/23/2021 Booked through Golf Now at a crazy low price. Staff was very friendly, course was in great shape. Would definitely play again.

02/20/2021 - The facilities are top notch. The golf pro shop staff is the friendliest we have encountered on our trip. As a golfer, my only complaint would be they have no driving range just a driving net.

02/14/2021- In the front nine, the fairways are narrower or shorter, requiring a careful tee shot selection. The back is more open. It's an interesting course. It's not super long. It's really fun. We will be back for sure.

02/12/2021 -For those of you looking for a it is...we loved the house. It's moderately difficult but very good conditions for this time of year...friendly people and good pace of play. Pretty course with lots of wildlife to photograph!

02/06/2021- Very good condition overall, but not excellent. Greens were consistent. fairways and rough had consistent grass except for a few off -the-beaten-path patchy or bare spots. The course doesn't play long, and there are choices for safe shots and for going for it shots. The houses in the community are gorgeous. I look forward to playing it again and recommend

02/04/2021 - Very good experience. Interesting layout with a lot of variety. Greens were pristine, fairways were a bit dry but played true. Grass just off the fringe of the greens was sparse and made chips and lob shots very difficult. Lots of wildlife including a few gators enjoying a sunny day. Practice area included a small putting green and chipping green but only nets available for taking full swings. Adequate to warm up, but would hope to see a bit more for the money. Speed of play was very good.

02/03/2021 - What a delightful course...friendly people, nice course layout and in good condition., Will definitely play again and share with friends.

01/27/2021 - Second time playing this course. Fun , and fair layout for the average golfer. Would definitely play it again. Only drawback is lack of driving range to warm up. Irons only. Woods you hit into a net so there is no pre playing adjustments as far as wood go. They do have a chipping and practice green. Course green are in great shape and accept incoming shots nicely.

01/25/2021- Boca is a great course Greens are good ,fairways are wide rough is not too long. Like any Florida course you need to play smart on some of the holes or you can get in trouble. The staff are great , thanks to the starter for the tips on what tees to play. Thumbs up for Boca

01/23/2021 – Really enjoyed our round today. Course is in great condition, greens are fair and just enough challenging holes. Definitely recommend this course .

01/20/2021- Course is a bit more challenging then others with smaller greens and water hazards. All in all its a great coarse and look forward to playing it again soon.

01/13/2021 - Staff at this course are extremely courteous and friendly will be looking forward to playing golf again

01/17/2021- Played it for the first time. Very playable straightforward layout. Well maintained with open fairways and true running greens.

01/06/2021- Enjoyed Staff facilities and golf course very nice. it's an old-fashioned golf course it does not wind through the housing addition makes it unusual and fun

01/04/2021 - Not the longest course in the world but very challenging. Most fairways are wide open and 1/4 have water on one side. Lots of wildlife on the course including some gators and Sandhill cranes. Great value for your money. Greens were in great shape and challenging.

12/29/2020 - Lots of water and sand to avoid on this course. The greens were quite fast, and in good condition. Overall, the course was a bit wet, but in good shape. Quite a few alligators out to provide some distractions.

12/23/2020 - A great day on a good Course with two nice players

12/23/2020 - Very accommodating! Well organized facility. Pro-shop & Starter helpful and friendly. We play here several times per season as snow birds.

12/22/2020- Really nice experience from the first moment. Cart delivered to your car. Efficient check in. Course was interesting with lots of dog legs. Best greens I have seen in the area. Big Boy alligator on first hole was fun. Lots of wildlife. Great experience.

12/14/2020- A fun day. Greens have some repair going on, otherwise was great.

12/11/2020 - Grass is different down here, little more gnarly than up north. Front nine was an adjustment period, played much better on the back. Nice course, great staff, played 18 in 3 hours very enjoyable.

12/04/2020- Have played here many times. Clubhouse manager and starter were friendly. Course was in great shape. Greens appeared to have been top dressed, but putted very well. It appeared that there was an outing after we played. As a result, the hole locations were generally on an edge. Boca Royale plays like two different courses. Front nine is tight and tends to be target golf. The back stretches you out quite a bit. The greens can be tough if you put the ball in the wrong place

11/28/2020- Course was well maintained. Haven't played it for a few years. There are a few holes that I would like to play over as I forgot what hazards lay ahead.

11/25/2020 - Played on a perfect day day before Thanksgiving. Course was full of groundskeepers tending to everything that needed tending. Friendly folks. It’s a mature course that challenges you with dime size greens and larger ones. Be ready to make that second shot count on the par fours

11/25/2020- Enjoy playing this course, lots of water and sand, greens are a little challenging but not over challenging. Was a beautiful day and had a great time.

11/01/2020- Great day for golf. Course slightly wet in places. Weather hot but not super hot. Pace was decent although slowed at the outset. Amenities not experience, COVID and it is a private course. Staff was friendly. Paired with three friends who invited me in as though I were one also. Enjoyed the day

11/01/2020-The absolute best greens I have ever played on. The course is a little tight for my game but I still enjoy playing there


 11/8/2020 - This was my first time playing in the Wombacher Light Event (or the Wombacher Member Guest).   I want to congratulate you on a job well done.  My partner and I had a great time. The course was in great shape, the food was terrific, and everything was well organized. You should be proud of all your team members. We can’t wait to play in the main event in March. Bill Young

11/01/2020-The absolute best greens I have ever played on. The course is a little tight for my game but I still enjoy playing there

11/01/2020- Great day for golf. Course slightly wet in places. Weather hot but not super hot. Pace was decent although slowed at the outset. Amenities not experience, COVID and it is a private course. Staff was friendly. Paired with three friends who invited me in as though I were one also. Enjoyed the day

10/13/2020A lot of fun playing this course! Actually playing tomorrow morning. Lots of water and gators but good layout and fair course.

3/2/2020 -The greens were the best I have ever played on in the State of Florida. They were very fast and true. Carmen

3/2/2020 - Yearly visitor This is the nicest course I had the pleasure of playing so far on my yearly trip to Venice. Green fairways and perfect, but fast greens. We got out early so had no slow players to deal with. 3,5 hours for 18 is nice!! I’ll be back! Jerry D

2/24/2020 - Fun course to play, good shape, friendly staff.

2/24/2020 - The course was in great condition. The greens were speedy, full and rolled true. The design was challenging but not too difficult. It was a thoroughly enjoyable round. Will definitely come back again. mike s

2/23/2020 - mature course We played this course with our wives. very mature topography, lots of water. Greens had consistent speed and a true roll. We will be back. paul d

2/21/2020 - The course was in great condition. The greens were speedy, full and rolled true. The design was challenging but not too difficult. It was a thoroughly enjoyable round. Will definitely come back again.

2/11/2020 - People very nice greens and fairway in good condition. I will play here again.

2/10/2020 - Love it! Love this course, great condition, friendly staff, and good pace of play.

1/25/2020 - Nice course. Greens and fairway were in good condition. The greens were small and quick. Played late afternoon and we completed 18 in 3.5 hours. Staff and other golfers were friendly. Will play the course again.

1/24/2020 - Course was in good condition and the pace of play was good.

1/18/20 - This is a beautiful course. Well maintained. Nice clubhouse and pro shop well stocked. Friendly staff.

1/16/2020 - Beautifully maintained golf course with great fairways and greens. The starters have been there for years and are excellent.

12/29/19 -Wife and Husband Golf Fun - Course was in excellent condition! Pace of play was 3.5 hours. Greens ran smooth

12/24/19 - Great way to spend Christmas Eve! Good pace of play. Staff, especially starting Marshall very friendly. Good value for dollar. Lots of water so some tricky holes.

12/23/19 - Very nice condition & Fast pace of play.

12/22/19 - Playing Boca Again today great course, close to where we live!

12/20/19 - Beautiful course - The course is very beautiful and is surrounded by wildlife.

12/21/19 - It's a good course for all level of players. Very small greens and well protected. Will test your short game.

12/6/19 - Great course and friendly staff.

11/22/19 - Great day. Course was in great shape - greens were fast but ran true - sand was great to play out of - no complaints - fairways were in excellent shape - it’s a Florida course, first nine plenty of water - I would love to return.

11/20/19 - Nice course, very friendly staff. Good value.

11/20/19 - First time player at Boca Royale. Everyone was quite helpful at Boca Royale. As a single the starter offered me a choice between two groups to join and I followed his suggestion and played with a nice group. The greens were exceptionally good and the course is a nice mix of open and challenging holes. I will return in the near future.

11/28/18- Love this golf course. Almost always see an alligator.

3/13/18 -Grounds are in excellent shape, and the greens are the best we've seen in a long time on the course. Great job!

3/12/18- Played on Sunday with friends, had an enjoyable round. Course was in very good shape, the greens were very challenging but we finally figured them out on the back nine. Will definitely play this course again. Enjoyed the 19 hole as well. 👍

2/3/18- This is becoming one of my favorite courses. The play has not been too slow yet, although it can look it with the line up on the first hole. It’s a bit pricey for 2 people playing, but I love the wild life and alligators.

1/13/18- Course is in nice shape - greens are lovely. We enjoyed playing this course although it is pretty challenging! The layout is interesting and the greens are in good shape. Can back up, but not terrible. Friendly starter!

10/17/17- Water, trees and sand make for a challenging older course. Many dogleg holes to test all levels of players. Recently refurbished greens run true and fair. I play this course 6 times a year or more.The restaurant is refined and excellent.

10/17/17 - One of the nicest courses in the area. Always in very good condition. Interesting layout, but has small greens. (making a higher level of difficulty). Prices are reasonable during the off season. sometimes has special prices posted for Boca Royale.

10/16/17 - Water, trees and sand make for a challenging older course. Many dogleg holes to test all levels of players. Recently refurbished greens run true and fair. I play this course 6 times a year or more. The restaurant is refined and excellent.

09/03/2017-"Nice well maintained course near Venice" I live within 10 minute drive so playing a nice course close to home is great. It’s a semi-private so worth asking about member outings or groups. Best to get out before them. Course was re - done last year with much improvements taking hold.

09/02/2017 -"All around great golf course” Course was in great shape, the staff was very friendly. The course is a challenge but not too much so. I would highly recommend this club.

08/25/2017 - Nice staff. Obviously the course was wet due to significant rainfall. Course layout was nice!

08/14/2017 - "Boca Royale Golf Club" Beautiful golf course kept in excellent condition by the dedicated grounds crew. This course personifies excellence. The fairways are well covered; the greens were perfect with lots of undulations for a challenging game. Cart paths almost completely surround this course with very few gaps. The fairways are a generous width, well-marked, surrounded by tropical trees and shrubbery with homes intermingled on the course but far enough away that there is no problem. Lots of Florida wildlife everywhere. Don't miss an opportunity to try this gem - you'll be back for more. Highly recommended!

08/13/2017 - Fairways, greens, hazards are all in great condition for midsummer.

08/04/2017- "Course was in great shape." Overall I thoroughly enjoyed playing this course. This was my first time at Boca Royale. I was paired with a threesome that had played the course many times so that was a great help. Greens and fairways were in great shape. The approaches to several of the greens had recently been repaired, but that was not a big deal. Plenty of sand in the bunkers. I would totally play this again if I were staying longer.

07/29/2017 - "Fantastic golf course". First time playing Boca Royale, Great Doglegs, water, Greens were great !! My partner and I would definitely play this course again!!

07/28/2017- "Boca Royale is a gem." Beautiful playing environment-lushly landscaped, awesome wildlife. The staff is friendly and helpful.

07/02/2017- Surprising little gem with a very friendly staff. I forgot my clubs were in other car so I rented a set for $25. Don't forget your clubs -rentals were not good. My wife and I had a nice day out and the course played quickly. Very congenial staff and helpful.

05/17/2017 - "This course has a ton of character"  Beautiful fairways and greens, with great turns and hazards with loads of wildlife to watch and listen to in between holes. Enjoyed every minute.

05/11/2017 - As I read, the front nine is much tougher than the back. A lot of water, especially on the front. The back nine is narrower, but plays easier. I used just about every club in my bag. I will play again.

05/10/2017- Excellent course, greens excellent shape and very challenging. Not crowded and very enjoyable.

05/07/2017- "Vacation golf" Good course makes you think your way round. Course protects itself with well-placed bunker and water features. Only bad point was bare dirt patches just off the fairway. A very enjoyable round and staff were all very friendly.

05/03/2017 - Very nice old course. front is a little old fashioned, small well-guarded greens, very interesting, very well maintained, fun course, very pleasant staff. Be careful on the front but enjoy the scenery.

04/29/2017 - "Nice course, great day." Always have a great day on Boca Royale course. I prefer the back 9 to the front. Few hidden bunkers, some challenging water holes. A little dry, greens were a little fast, but true. Played the back tee's, made for a great day. Lot's of dead trees, looks like the Spanish moss is doing the trick. Lot's of nice homes, people very friendly here. Watched a little alligator walk across the course, lots of bird variety.

04/27/2017 - "Top notch track". Premium experience begins when you arrive at the club. Staff are engaging and friendly leading to an awesome experience. Our experience included an early morning tee off before the restaurant opened. Thanks to staff for getting us 3 badly needed coffees before the opening. Others talk about a great experience Boca Royale makes it happen.

04/22/2017 - "Overall good experience". We arrived at the course and were well received. We were asked if we wanted to go off earlier which we did. Overall the course was in very good condition. Greens were true but small compared to some courses. Great lay out with a good mixture of fun holes and challenging holes. Overall it was a great experience.

04/20/2017 - "shot makers course" The course was in great condition and the staff was extremely courteous and helpful. Greens are small and quick.

04/20/2017- "Challenging course" The course is very nice and the staff were friendly but way too many sand traps. Some holes had 5 or more traps (or it seemed that way). If you want a course to challenge you this may be the one.

04/19/2017 - "Super chill course..." Beautiful layout, friendly staff...long and challenging course but not too difficult...will def play again as well as will recommend to all that are looking for a beautiful and tranquil atmosphere...thank you golfnow and Boca Royale

4/6/17 - I enjoy playing this course. it's a local course for me as well, it is well maintained and challenging to play. Give it a try, see what you think.

04/05/2017 - "This course is attractive, well laid out and being well maintained in a very dry year" We had a nice late afternoon nine holes. Fairways and greens were in good condition. With the dry weather South West Florida has had this year, the Club has done very well in watering the fairways and greens.

03/16/2017- "Great Course" - Very nice course. I'm 63 and a 12 handicap and played the 6000 yd. tees. The course was challenging but not unfair. Now that I've played it I hope to go back and walk. Excellent greens. Small and fast. Fairways very nice. I'd definitely recommend this course. Staff was very friendly from pro shop to starter. Paired friend of mine and I with a great guy from Ontario. Enjoyed his company. Hope to return soon.

03/13/2017 -"This is an excellent course!” This is an excellent course with a good layout and several different T-boxes. The holes are easy to follow while the front of the greens are open which allows for run up shots. The greens have Champion Bermuda grass, they are smooth and very fast. I would recommend this course for everyone. The only fallback is there is no driving range but there are some driving nets.

03/12/2017 - "Nice Round" The course was in very good shape and fast greens with challenging holes. Very enjoyable to play.

03/10/2017 - "Decent course good value" Pretty good layout. Greens take some getting used to. Local knowledge helps as there are some hidden hazards. Good value compared to other courses nearby.

03/06/2017 -I enjoyed the course although I did not play well. The greens were very fast and many times I was above the hole and the ball went 10 ft. Passed the hole with just a tap. The greens keeper had the holes in pretty challenging positions. The other courses I played were much slower. This is not a negative thing; I just need more experience in those conditions. The layout is beautiful and yes I would play it again. It is not a course for a first time golfer. Seniors, take advantage of the senior tees. I had a great time.

03/02/2017 - "Nice surprise!" Fraternity brother and I were paired with two nice guys from Cleveland. We all raved about the course. Had a great experience!

2-22-17- Beautiful Community and Friendly People. The course looks to be in fabulous shape and there many activities other than golf. Won't get bored at Boca Royale and it is only about a 10 minute drive to Manasota Beach! 

02/19/2017 - Course was excellent. Pace of play 4 hours on a crowded course was excellent. A great experience.

02/19/2017- "Boca Royale" - Excellent course, value, friendliness. Great condition. Would recommend to anyone. Easy access from highway

02/19/2017- "Nice layout and in great shape" Course is little short so played the Blacks. Nice layout and some challenging holes. Greens were in great shape. The staff from the parking lot, to Pro Shop, to restaurant were all excellent. Will definitely play there again.

02/12/2017- "Boca Royale"  Greens and fairways in great condition - rough a little burned out as is most of south Florida - front nine tight - lots of water - three holes require approach over water - back more open - great 19th hole - will play again and recommend.

02/12/2017- "Beautiful challenging course, super nice staff" I Live in Michigan, and every year when I come to Florida I want to play golf, but my hubby doesn't play, ( yes I am a gal golf ho...I will golf with anybody any place any time...hence my nick name among my friends Golfho). So I use my GolfNow app and since I am a single player, I have no trouble getting on. I have played Boca Royal at least 4 times now and every time the people I golf with are super nice. The course is in beautiful shape, in fact a player told me that most of the greens are new since last year. They are very fast and hard to check up the ball, but all very nice. So you learn to keep it low and roll it up. Boca Royal has memberships, I think it's a semi private golf community and everything is kept up very nicely. Obviously I'm not a member, but from the guy that puts your clubs on a cart, to the starter, to the guy in the pro shop, to guy who's waiting for the cart to be returned so he can clean them up are all super nice even if you’re not a member.. It seems to be my go to golf course when I am down in Englewood Florida.

02/10/2017- "Very good layout" Well-designed course with some challenging holes. It will be more fun the second time to help our course management. A few tips for first time players would have been helpful. We will definitely play there again

02/08/2017- "Boca beats me up.” I love this course but it beats me up every time. I have balls in every pond but I keep coming back.

02/08/2017 - "Another great round at Boca Royal".  Nice course. They replaced the greens recently and they are pretty fast but nice. Nice people play there that enjoy the game of golf and don't take themselves too seriously. Don't be intimidated by going on a single or couple. Lots of husband & wives or snowbird singles. They will pair you up and everyone I've met there has been nice and has a great story to tell. There are lots of course is as hard as you want to make it with a wide selection of tees. Don't go to FL of you expect a fast round of golf but for FL, the pace is pretty good. 4 hours in the afternoon, 5 during prime time. Lots of wildlife. Bald Eagles, Osprey, Sand Hill Cranes, Alligators and turtles. They offer discounts off-hours which is nice if you want to play a bunch of rounds during your stay. Nice bar and restaurant - you can buy 6 beers in a little cooler and drink them outside and watch people finish the 18th hole.

1/25/17 - Absolutely a great place with a wonderful staff! Very close knit!!

1/25/17 - I've been taking my golfing friends there for 4 years. They enjoyed the course every time. The new greens are in great condition. I'll continue golfing there. I have yet to eat there but I've heard it's good.

1/21/17 - We played there yesterday and absolutely loved it. Older course and so beautiful. Greens were really fast.

1/18/17 -Many challenging holes with lots of water & sand. There are 4 different Men's tees that range from 6357 to 5366 yards. Brand new greens that are super fast and challenging as well. Draw back is no practice range but there are a few nets to warm up before you

01/09/2017- "Superb golf" Excellent staff and great course conditions!! Love playing here!!

01/05/2017- I played this course last year and it was fantastic this year it's even better they put in all new greens. Staff is friendly and helpful do their best to keep golf moving always in a friendly way. The layout is fair and challenging for any golfer.

12/22/2016- Boca Royale is in excellent condition tee thru green. Nice layout that I found fun to play. Greens are small but in great condition. Staff was welcoming and helpful.

12/07/2016 - Shorter course but plays longer - greens are in great shape - if you don't have a sand game it will be tough. Lots of water and bunkers. Would play again.

12/04/2016- "Nice new greens"

12/05/2016 - We've played here numerous times and have always enjoyed it. This year they have all new greens and they are just great. We played in the early afternoon and the pace was excellent.

11/24/2016 - Beautiful buildings and landscaping in the central club area. Good putting and chipping practice areas. No driving range but an area for hitting into nets. Fellow in the proshop was somewhat condescending and unfriendly, but the starter was great. The course was a bit dry from the drought, but the greens were fairly fast and rolled true. Lots of water hazards and good sand traps that come into play. Pace of play was very good.

11/21/2016 - We had a great day at Boca. The course was in great shape and the weather was perfect. The only thing missing was the proper execution of several shots...but then what do I expect..I am really not that good.

11/19/2016- Course is in beautiful condition. All new greens. Boca is not a long course, but challenging. Lots of water and greens are mostly protected by well-groomed sand traps. Definitely worth a try.

11/14/2016- "Excellent course and friendly staff" I know this course well and it is one of my favourites in the area. In very good condition and staff extremely helpful and friendly.

11/03/2016- "Excellent course in Englewood" We were visiting the gulf side of South Florida and played this course for the first time. It was in excellent shape, the holes were challenging and varied, and the greens were in excellent condition, fast and consistent. We played the round in 3.5 hours and then had lunch afterwards in the clubhouse. A very nice facility.

10/10/16 - Golf here yesterday. Course was in great shape. Tight layout with lots of natural trees and water made it challenging but the greens were some of the best I've been on in a long time. Will be back.

9/27/19- Nice resort style course . Plenty of water and sand to keep your attention. Great snacks at the turn. Had dinner one night and it was very good. Hope to make it back again. I think any golfer will enjoy a round there. Or just stop in for dinner.

8/3/16 - I just wanted to tell you that I had guests last week in their early 30's and they played golf one afternoon and they loved the golf boards.My grandson from California thought they were so great that if they were offered that is what he would always use -- so much easier and faster than with a golf cart.

6/23/16 - Enjoyed the course. May be too short to play from the whites, so back up one. Nice sand, nice fairways, some greens were being rehabbed and had some bare spots, but not bad. Good time, got done in 2 1/2 hours. Nice staff and pro. Overall pleasurable experience.

6/10/16 - Dear Ian: The weather may not have cooperated today for Intercity at Boca Royale, but I must congratulate your wonderful staff.They did a magnificent job! Starting with the cart handlers in the morning, under Scott's supervision, everything was handled in a very courteous and professional manner.Phyllis and Lynn had to contend with my "nervous Nellie" tendencies, and true to their assurances, everything ran without a hitch.And, what can I say about Chef Bill and his staff?As we've come to expect from Bill's kitchen, the food not only looked delicious, but tasted great too! I heard many comments from different ladies in attendance, and all had high praise for Boca Royale and everyone they had contact with here.Hopefully, they'll feel compelled to think of our course and restaurant when they next plan a golf outing or an evening's entertainment. I know you appreciate all of your employees and appreciate their various skills. I just want you to know that I do too.They did a fantastic job and made me proud to be a member of Boca Royale! Sincerely, Rene Campbell

5/31/16 - "Great golf" Course was in very good condition. Fairways were very good and most of the rough wasn't bad either. The greens were in good shape and the course overall was very well kept. Weather was great and overall a great golf experience. I will definitely be going back.

05/24/2016 - "What a delight".  Played the course a couple of weeks ago and just fell in love with this course. So much so, that I invited a group of friends to come and play it, driving down from Sarasota. And it was a big success. Lived here for 13 - and finally discovered this gem of a course and facility. Despite lack of rain for a long time, (most courses are over cooked by now) the course presented itself beautifully. The greens were very fast and challenging, the fairways in great condition and here is the kicker, the short game allowed for smooth chipping. The staff was very friendly from check-in to pro shop and the bar. If you play this course, make sure to try their monster hot dog with fries and their IPA! I have only one thing to say, we wished the course would be closer to where we are, but we will play it as often as we can. THIS COURSE HAS IT ALL.

5/15/16 - “Course in good Shape and friendly staff!”I fully recommend this course. Very challenging and competitive, but still forgiving on some holes. The fairways and greens are in excellent shape and the staff is friendly. Good food on hole 9!

5/1/2016 - "Great facility with friendly people". Look forward to playing here again when I return to the area.

04/18/2016 - "A shot maker’s track". I've played Boca Royale a few times and it will take a few more to find all the little nuances. It requires accurate shot making. It's not a course for bombers. The challenges are plentiful. It's also a mature course which is really nice!

4/18/16 - I've played Boca Royale a few times and it will take a few more to find all the little nuances. It requires accurate shot making. It's not a course for bombers. The challenges are plentiful. It's also a mature course which is really nice!

3/18/16 - Haven't tried the restaurant but every time I go to Englewood, I play this course. I'm a high handicapper and have been paired up with great people. Not always great golfers but folks out to have fun and enjoy their round. Sometimes members, sometimes visitors, all with interesting stories. The starter greets you at the bag drop off and picks you up in the cart. Nobody should go to Florida expecting a fast round of golf but I've always get around in 4 hrs or less. I am aware of people behind me and pick up the pace or wave someone through. I always play the middle tees - why torture yourself? The course isn't overly difficult. There's some water, sand and trees but I've donated way more balls at Myakka! Great nature - gators, turtles, countless birds and last time we saw a bald eagle up close. I've heard some negative reviews on the staff but I've never had a problem. Being nice and respectful usually gets the same in return. Oh, the prices are reasonable too. Especially off peak.

2/27/2015 - "Pristine golf course" - Every visit to Englewood - includes setting a tee-time at Boca Royal Golf and Country Club. This course is always in great shape with some challenging holes and great scenery. The pro-shop staff are wonderful, helpful and very accommodating.Enjoying a meal before or after golf at their clubhouse is a great experience. There is a less formal area to eat on the patio or a more formal dining room offering a delicious menu.

01/15/2016 - "Course to come back to". Boca Royale GCC was a wonderful experience from the time you pull in to the bag drop until you leave. Check in process is easy and the entire staff is friendly, helpful and courteous. I found the course to be in nice shape for this time of year. It was challenging with the water and many bunkers but I embraced that challenge and had a fantastic time. My score may not have been fantastic but that's okay! We will definitely be back. Thank you to the entire staff for such a great experience.

01/14/2016-"A player’s course in excellent condition.”  We found a friendly and helpful staff and a course in excellent condition - great round of golf.

01/11/2016 - Can't say enough about the friendliness of the staff, for a coarse that is mostly private, they make guest feel welcome. From the pro shop to the Rangers - first class operation.

1/7/16 Top Class in every way from staff to course.This was one of the best courses we played on if not the best. Thanks to all the staff for making us so welcome. For us the course was on par with St Andrews and Glen Eagles. We will see you next year when we return.

01/07/2016 -"First time playing this course". We really enjoyed this course. Not a long course, but plenty challenging with small greens and tight fairways. Played the back tees and some of the tee shots were extremely challenging. My wife and I played the front in an hour and 15 minutes, but caught up with an outing on the back which took about 2 hours. Overall 3 hours and 15 minutes wasn't a bad pace. We will definitely play this course again.

1/7/16 - I have played Boca before and it is a beautiful course. I have always gone as a single but have been matched up with a group. The thing I have appreciated most is that the staff has always been friendly and welcoming!

1/2/16 - Great course and staff. I was traveling and randomly made a tee time as a single. Starter was nice and paired me up with some nice members who were very enjoyable to golf with. Since it was my first time playing there, they were helpful with some local knowledge on the course. The greens and fairways were in good shape and the speed of play was perfect. The course plays as easy or hard as you want to make it with some good risk / reward holes.

1/1/16 - Best round of golf this year with super food after !!!

1/1/16 Great course and staff. I was traveling and randomly made a tee time as a single. Starter was nice and paired me up with some nice members who were very enjoyable to golf with. Since it was my first time playing there, they were helpful with some local knowledge on the course. The greens and fairways were in good shape and the speed of play was perfect. The course plays as easy or hard as you want to make it with some good risk / reward holes.

12/25/15 - "Big fan". This is a great course! Staff is so friendly. Came on a golf vacation with a few of my friends, this was the only course we played twice in that week. I come back every time I'm here. Worth the money, even at full price!

12/23/15 - "We are glad we played Boca Royale ! We will be back". The course was in very good shape. We enjoyed the staff and facilities. We will be back.

12/21/15 - "Nice course". Nice course. Got lost going there and was late but they fit me in and I joined a threesome. Nice guys and nice course

12/16/15 -"excellent course -" course in very high quality shape - great bunkers-sand in great shape-greens excellent, tracked as how they read. staff very, very helpful and friendly. Facilities very well kept up.

12/8/15 -“Classy” Friendly helpful staff. A nice opulent feel to the entire set up. The greens are true, the fairways in good condition and the holes varied. Suitable for most levels of golfer. Well worth a visit. Very pleasant dining room.

12/06/2015 - "We will be back". Really enjoy this course and the friends we brought here really want to get back....we already made the booking!

12/1/15-"very nice course, nice environment, many trees". We had a beautiful afternoon, starting at 12.50. as it was Sunday and not so busy we could start earlier, with no problems. Starter and Ranger were so kindly, so we could start as a twosome. First nine were moderate, second nine much more challenging of longer distances.  All together a really nice afternoon. Thanks so much all the staff.

11/25/15 “Classy” Friendly helpful staff. A nice opulent feel to the entire set up. The greens are true, the fairways in good condition and the holes varied. Suitable for most levels of golfer. Well worth a visit. Very pleasant dining room.

11/20/15 "A very peaceful round of golf." It was like we had the golf course to ourselves, at 11am on a Friday. This course is surrounded by a lovely neighborhood of Florida homes, but none of them encroach on the golf course. Lots of interesting birds, including several sand hill cranes. The greens were slower than I'm used to, but I'm a spoiled bent greens brat. After the round, the cold drinks at the bar were served by a great, friendly bartender. We met some new members and the general manager even came out to greet us. We'll do this one again!

11/15/15Excellent - “Beautiful course” We read several negative reviews of this course before playing and I am sorry but I think the reviewers must have had a bad personal day that had little relationship to the quality of this course! This is a beautiful and challenging course. Staff was the most courteous right from the fellow who went out of his way to move some trash containers so my wife could park her car in a very crowded lot. Pro shop fellow was very pleasant and cheerful...l'd hire him in a NY minute but I don't think he be willing to move back north. Starter full of course knowledge and willing to give tips for any and all holes or overview in general. Delightful start to the day. Not a crowded day so we were never rushed and for the first time on a course that is really a pleasure. Course 1, Jack 0! It whipped me good and proper but I admit to playing from the blacks just because there was no pressure from behind and we had a great day....oh yes, it was overcast all day and that is a treat down here! Play this course, you will consider it a day well spent.

10/21/15 - Beautiful greens , wonderful staff! Friendly clean environment! Excellent menu and food!


09/22/2015 - "Nice layout".   We were treated very well right from being picked up at our vehicle to the time we left. Although the greens were less than perfect (summer in Florida) they putted true and were acceptable. The layout is interesting as well as very attractive. Plenty of water in play without many forced carries. An enjoyable day of golf and looking forward to playing Boca Royale again!

9/7/15 - "Great pace". Course was great. Staff was friendly. Did a noon tee time. Never waited to tee off. Will definitely play again.

8/5/15 "Enjoyable course". It was my first time at this course and it won't be my last. Fairways and greens were in great shape. The greens are smaller than most, but that's what makes this course a little more of a challenge for all you par players out there. Enjoy!

8/4/2015 - "Enjoyable course" It was my first time at this course and it won't be my last. Fairways and greens were in great shape. The greens are smaller than most, but that's what makes this course a little more of a challenge for all you par players out there. Enjoy!

8/4/15 "Similar to Wentworth GC, Celebration GC, & Windermere CC."8:00 tee time w/ wife for $22.22/ea thru Tee Off. Set in subdivision. Plush & pristine course. Some damp areas on course from recent heavy rains but not cart paths only. Elevated greens rolling true & fast. Battery powered carts w/ windshield & rain cover in back. Will definitely play again when in area.

7/11/15 - "Good variety" This course has a good variety of holes, with various doglegs and lengths. It keeps the round interesting and non-monotonous.

6/12/15 - Course condition was outstanding. Great staff. A must play!

5/20/15 The greens were well manicured. The fairways were fairly open with plenty of bunkers to find the selection of 5 tees are nice for the shorter drivers. Play moved well with the round running a bit under four hours. None of the holes were boring and all seemed to have their own challenges. I will certainly play here again!

5/16/15 First time playing this beautiful course. It's been on my radar for a while and have heard many positive words about it, but almost an hour drive and a bit pricey in season and the season has past. The course is in great condition. Usually, at the end of season, most golf courses are worn out and torn up. Not Boca Royale! Tee boxes are well covered, fairways are mown and terrific and the greens are very well conditioned. Maintenance does a great job keeping everything in tiptop shape. The wide fairways have colored concrete markers at the 200, 150 and 100 yard positions. In addition some reflective markers on the cart paths. Greens are average size and nicely kept - fair amount of breaks and rolls to keep you on your toes. Some water hazards on a few holes but easily avoided by playing smart. Wild life abounds throughout the course. Staff very helpful and friendly and are a real pleasure to deal with. Boca Royale is within a 'golfing community' so the owners are also the main customers and pride shows thru in their community. Highly recommend this excellent golf course; and especially with a great rate. Try it, you'll love it.

5/14/15 I really enjoy playing Boca Royale. The fairways and even the rough give you nice grass to hit off of. There are some difficult holes but they all depend on the golfer. A few of the greens need a little work but overall an excellent course. All the staff are very nice and helpful. I look forward to playing here again very soon!

5/12/15 - Boca Royale is a well established golf course with some interesting holes. Although not overly long it is a tough challenge for all levels of golfer. Most enjoyable day.

5/6/2015 - “Beautiful Golf Course” We used to play this course several years ago (30) when we vacationed in Venice. Now that we are retired we are snowbirds. We decided to see if it was still a fantastic course. Well we were not disappointed the course was in outstanding condition and the greens were spectacular. Only wish we lived closer we would be there every week.

02/08/2015- excellent course. Perfect conditions challenging for all levels of golfers.

02/06/2015 -Retro Greens. Fun round! Greens in Regulation? Only if you are GOOD. This is an older mature course without large greens. You could fit 3 or 4 of these greens into most of today's designs. They are sloped front to back except for a few that are larger most likely were part of a redesign. Fairways are roomy for the most part. The hazard challenges are moderate. Bunkers are frequent but in great condition. Play here.

01/30/2015 - Fun and interesting mature course. Enjoyed the pace of play and the water challenges. Greens were easy to read. I would play here again. Staff friendly and professional. Surrounded by nature.

01/23/2015- Good Florida course. Friendly staff, fairways, greens and bunkers were excellent. The course is not long but still offers a challenge. The wind was blowing about 25 mph with gusts and made the course harder to play with the water that comes into play. The water crosses in front of some par five holes making them true par fives even though under 500 yards. I will go back and take my brother for a grudge match.

01/15/2015 - Great course, pace of play was good. Fairways in great shape. Greens cut tight and on faster side. Definitely worth the trip

1/13/15 - After playing last week and had a fantastic round on this top class course we had to return before our holiday finished for this year and return to Scotland. Once more as expected the staff from the Bag Drop to the final goodbye from the cart return staff was what would be expected on any 5 star course. Thanks to everyone and we hope to see you all next year.

1/12/15 - "Exactly what we were looking for!” Best value for the price. Greens, fairways and tee boxes were all pristine. We were looking to try a course we hadn't played before, and we found a real gem! We highly recommend this course for seasoned low-handicap players, as well as the newer high-handicap players. Just challenging enough, and fun for all!

1/7/15 - 5 star Top Class in every way from staff to course. This was one of the best courses we played on if not the best. Thanks to all the staff for making us so welcome. For us the course was on par with St Andrews and Glen Eagles. We will see you next year when we return. Peter.

12/20/14- 5 star The closest course to where I live when in Florida and I couldn't recommend it highly enough. The staff in the pro shop, Adrian & Scott are great guys and the bar staff, Kiersa & Kristy never forget a face when you arrive after a day out in the hot sun. (p.s. 2 for 1 beers 3-5pm) Alan.

11/29/14- "Boca Royale is a fabulous course" - This was a great experience... Really loved the course clubhouse and the staff were first class. Tough and challenging course. Long fairways, narrow in places. You need to be accurate off the tees if you want to record a decent score. The club house was beautiful... I did not eat but certainly would as the food looked good and very reasonably priced. The staff were most welcoming and I will certainly play here again. I would definitely recommend to anyone to pay a visit.  Eileen

11/13/14 - Course was in great shape and staff was very accommodating. Great place to golf and eat.

11/11/14 - "Very nice course, great layout, you get to use all your clubs". Front nine has tight fairways. Requires straight tee shots, back nine has longer holes and wider fairways. Greens were a little slow, fairways were in great shape. If I were looking for a course membership I would consider this course.

11/4/14 - "Great Staff". The course was in excellent condition; however, we were restricted to the rough and cart path due to overseeding. The outside staff was outstanding.

10/15/2014 – Getting there: With the infusion of money from the Neal Real Estate company, this course is being refined on a regular basis. The layout is mostly Old Florida, but not in a negative way. The holes are varied, and there is enough risk reward on the course to make it fun. Even though the course is not long, it does require reasonably straight shots. Today, the greens were sanded, which meant inconsistent putting. Hopefully, the rain that followed will settle down that sand for the future.

10/9/14 – Great Day of golf: Great course. Everyone should play it. Well kept. Friendly staff – Bob Briggs

9/8/2014– Best round I have ever had: I am an 16 handicap and short 79 for the first time , so you know I have nothing to say but good things about this course. I also short in the nineties at this course but it is a great place to play.

9/6/2014 – Great course – always in great shape: I love playing this course. It's fairways are like a carpet and also the greens. The rough was wet because of rain but you shouldn't be there anyway.. Love it!

7/9/2014- Very accommodating staff to let us walk on for golf. Very nice greens and fairways. They recently spiked the greens but were filling in nicely. Lots of wildlife to watch if that's your thing.

6/25/2014 - Dear Ian: I just want to let you know how much Maribeth and I appreciated all the tremendous effort that was put forth by your staff for our Ladies Intercity tournament yesterday, June 24.  EVERYONE put their best foot forward for this special day, and the compliments from our guests were abundant.  Probably WOWED is the best word to describe the experience of those who played yesterday.  Everyone I spoke with commented on what beautiful shape the course is in (thanks to Tim and his hard-working crew), and when lunch was presented they couldn't say enough about the wonderful food.  The cookies they received upon leaving were a very special finishing touch to a very special day!  Believe me when I tell you that David and Chef Bill outdid themselves.  Also, the wait staff were attentive and professional and sometimes we take that for granted, but we shouldn't!  And let's not forget Adrian and Scott who juggled all the paper work, and the "cart guys" (Larry, Marv and Larry) who worked so diligently to move all the clubs for the ladies while getting them situated in their proper carts.  A grand day was had by all, and, as far as I could see, everything went very smoothly, so kudos to EVERYONE who was involved.  I know our guests were singing Boca Royale's praises when they left, and, of course, we hope they'll come back and bring their friends with them! You're so lucky to have such a wonderful team, but I realize you already know that! Sincerely, Rene Campbell

6/19/2014 - Boca great job maintaining your course, my wife & I drove 2hrs to play your course! We were very pleased with the care of your course, tee box, fairways, sand traps & greens "Excellent" condition. No excuses to miss your putts, great job Boca & crew.  We paired up with 2-non members who praised the course condition "Great Job". Thank you for taking care of business! Lloyd


6/13/2014 - This course is beautiful from the first tee thru the 18th green. There is plenty of variety and it suits a bogey golfer perfectly.

5/15/2014 - First course I've played since coming to Florida a year ago that actually had grass on the fairways. Greens were well maintained. Staff friendly, we even got out earlier than our scheduled tee time. Will definitely come back to this beautiful course.

4/22/2014 - Course conditions have improved significantly since last fall with overseeded fairways and mostly well kept greens. Same friendly staff make you feel welcome as green fee player. We will play here again.

3/20/14 - Course is in excellent condition. Emerald Tees are just over 6000 yds and diamond (back) tees just over 6300 yds. Lots of water but most is left or right of fairways, forced carry over water on only 3 holes. Lots of sand but most holes have opening to greens for run up shots. Greens in great shape and not fast compared to most Florida courses I've played. Our foursome played in 3.5 hours but we were 2nd group off in morning. Noticed 3 groups backed up on a front nine par 3 as we played the back nine so it appeared that the later you tee off the slower it would be. Starter had a full tee sheet from 7:22 to 4:00. A very pleasant round of golf, would play the course again but would also play as early as possible.

3/9/14 -We had planned to play 18 but one of the threesome had to leave so we decided to just play 9, even though it was a Sunday and the course was busy we played right along with only minor wait at two holes. Beautiful course with just enough challenge to make it interesting and not discouraging for the average golfer.

2/28/14 - Played for the first time the other day as a single. Was paired with two very friendly gentlemen and had an enjoyable time. The staff seemed friendly enough and the starter got us off ahead of our tee time. We played in just about 4 hours, maybe a bit less. The course was in good condition, though a few greens could have been better. All in all it was a good day, worth the price.

2/25/14 - Starter, Bag Drop Crew, Pro Shop all great and very friendly. Course was "challenging" and in fantastic shape, a true pleasure to play.

2/21/14 - Beautiful course conditions and pace of play was excellent. Watch out for all the bunkers!

1/8/2014 - Great club, great course, great staff, we had a wonderful time & can't wait to play again. Rowland O'Malley

1/15/2014 - Narrow fairways and small firm greens make this course more difficult than the yardage.

12/10/13 - Visited Boca Royale while in the area on vacation from the UK. We had a great round of golf here on a beautiful course and couldn't have been looked after any better. Highly recommended. Mike Wells


4/19/19 - To who this letter may concern, On spring break this year my family took a week to come and see my parents at Boca Royale. Tennis has always been a part of my life so I was excited to see the facility where my parents have recently retired and call their home courts. I myself travel around the country as a fulltime tennis coach from a tennis academy in Atlanta directed by Grant Stafford. I have played numerous tournaments in my career and taken students to all kinds of National level facilities around the US including the USTA National Clay Courts every year. When I walked up to the courts at Boca Royale I was amazed at the quality of this facility, the gorgeous dark green clay that was pristinely hydrated and the perfect white lines with not a granule of clay on them. I asked my Dad who takes care of the courts and he told me that Pancho does the work - he replied - wow that is a lot of care to keep courts looking like that. The maintenance alone takes a lot of time but you can tell when someone puts true work and honor into a facility. Many players may not say anything, because they don’t realize how much work it is to keep a facility so nice but I just felt like someone should know how I truly appreciated my time on those courts and the obvious work that Pancho puts care into everyday.

JT Murphy. Director of Player Development @ Stafford Tennis Academy

USTA High Performance Coach

B.S. Exercise Science + Biomechanics FSU

USPTA + PTR certified coach

Ian - We are so impressed and amazed! This week we were able to put two of our grandchildren into Pancho's lessons. They were complete beginners and after only two lessons, they are really picking up the game. Pancho is outstanding! We have never seen such patience with kids on tennis courts or in other sports. He really makes every minute fun, yet challenging, despite the terrible heat. We feel so lucky to have him at Boca! Nancy and Dave Kennaugh

My daughter, son-in-law and their two girls ages 8 & 10 spent a week here 2/13-2/20/14. The girls each took 3 lessons from Pancho on successive days and my daughter, a former college tennis player, took lessons on two days. Not only was he accommodating in the scheduling, but he was wonderful with the girls and my daughter as well.  They had a good time, fun, and came away with increased skill. My wife and I have witnessed many tennis lessons over the years, with 3 children and now the grandchildren, and none were better than those given by Pancho! The club is fortunate to have a pro of his calibre, with his outgoing and charming nature and skill set. I understand from other members who have been here in the pre-Pancho days that things were not always like that.

“To Pancho -Thank you for welcoming and introducing our prospective resident to Boca Royale tennis earlier this week. The fact that Jon was at the courts 3 consecutive days (out of their three days here in Englewood), tells me that our Club tennis members and especially our charismatic Tennis Pro were a big success. Before heading home to Michigan, Jon and his wife Janet looked at properties in Venice, on Manasota Key, in the Oaks Club and in Boca Royale. They left a voice mail telling me they have stopped their search for a Florida community because they've found 'The only spot where we want to look at real estate -- Boca Royale.' My sincere thanks, Pancho, for participating and for being such a positive Ambassador for Boca Royale.!"


9/26/19Ian, I would like to acknowledge Jill DeMarco, Boca Royale Fitness Director, as a 5 star employee. Jill not only demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the fitness equipment, she is also very personable. It is apparent other members appreciate her presence as well. Ian, I generally do not write positive reviews, this is a needed exception. Chris Cross

4/3/19 Ian - Just wanted you to know.I went to class today.Jill is great. What a good hire!You got a winner. She expressed to everyone to perform at their level. But, so many new faces . I think we all agree that Jill is a better fit for the needs here at Boca. Thanks. Eileen

4/3/19- Hi Ian - Thought I’d let you know how much I enjoyed Jill’s class this morning. There were 11 people in class - a great turnout. It was nice and cool in the classroom, which was good because she had us on the move the whole hour! Marji Goldberg 

4/3/19- Hi Ian, Just wanted you to know that I took my first class with Jill today in the gym and it was fabulous!! Very happy about the new stuff going in there! Have a good day, Jenny Alexander

4/1/19- Jill, Absolutely loved the Work it Circuit class this morning. It was everything I’ve been waiting for in a fitness class since moving to Boca almost 3 years ago. You did not disappoint! I look forward to taking many more classes with you. Sandy Thaxton

4/1/19- Ian, Kudos for bringing Jill on board! She is great! I just attended her  Work It Circuit class and loved it and am looking forward to other classes she will be offering. Rita Werthman

Real Estate

8/11/18We love Boca Royale so much, That we are selling our Villa and building a house to live there Year around.

3/15/17- We had looked at a lot of homes. The presentations by Neal were much more professional. The building was fairly consistent. There was a flow of information and details that made it all come together.

1/17/17- I am absolutely thrilled with my home and keep up the good work.

12/16/16- Dawna was very supportive in our process to purchase a Neal Home. She kept us informed; helped us in researching the homes we were interested in and most of all, was positive, patient and professional. Todd Ortlieb was 'Excellent'. Responsive (even on weekends) and very positive and helpful with all of our questions and any issues that arose. And he was polite and knowledgeable. We love the Community and the people in it! The Future will tell how it all works out. Thank you...

10/11/16- Justin is an outstanding person and employee. We were amazed by the depth of his knowledge about all aspects of the home and project. You should value him very highly as an employee and representative of your business. He has gone above and beyond in answering all our questions and concerns. The only reason we did not give a ten is that there were a few minor issues, to be expected, and Juston saw that they were resolved right away to our satisfaction. The people who made the whole process easy and a pleasure. A great company and community. We looked at a number communities and Neal stood out as the best. What were options with some companies were standard with Neal Communities. A beautiful community and we can hardly wait to settle in.

9/26/16- They all did a good job, I was very pleased.Would rate higher if I could. They were really good. Kept the area very well maintained. They did a terrific job, the best I've ever seen. It was the best closing I have ever had, they were very efficient. I would rate them a twenty if I could. The friendliness of all the people. They were very efficient and knowledgeable. The Construction people were exceptional, the best I have been around in recent years.

8/29/16- I was very appreciative of the level of communication that occurred throughout the home building process. It was really helpful to me since I was dealing with two builds at the same time. My own and one for a family member who was out of the country. The construction reps Todd Ortlieb and Justin Markham are the best! Helpful, respectful and very patient!!

6/15/16 -THIS IS SECOND HOME PURCHASED THROUGH DAVE. HE REPRESENTS BOCA ROYALE PROFESSIONALLY AND EXCEPTIONALLY KNOWLEDGEABLE IN EVERY ASPECT.Amy Schwake was without doubt very much needed in the help she gave with our selections. Everything we discussed and her assistance in picking colors and selections showed her sincere care in making our home what we envisioned it to be today. The Design Center covered all our needs and Amy was extremely helpful in helping us through a well-designed system selection process. Regions Bank was very accommodating to our needs. Every issue was addressed in a timely manner. This is the second time I have had the privilege of saying that Marcel Cloutier is one of the hardest working Managers I Have known. His professional demeanor and day to day concern rank him above what I consider to be the true backbone of this Construction site and the quality of work accomplished. I am very happy and overall pleased with what I consider the highlight of my home. The pool is worth saying many thanks to the outstanding knowledge and recommendations suggested while helping to design what I believe to be the best designed and functional pool in the area. Again, I thank the construction of this beautiful center piece of my home and the individuals who made this possible. Not knowing fair market value of all options and upgrades I can only comment that I am happy with what I consider a good choice in value and satisfaction in choosing this home site. This was the second time working with this lovely lady. Nothing needs to be said except thank you and hope only for your success and happiness for your future. One more outstanding area of helpful and professional quality displayed. Thank you Patricia Barron. The excitement of moving in and knowing my community is without doubt the nicest in beauty, people met and lifestyle. Thank You for this experience. It's been a joy ride.

6/1/16 - We actually walked out of other communities including one owned by Mr. Neal because the sales associate lacked integrity and was not honest. Then one rainy afternoon, Mr. David Miller made our dream come true in Boca Royale; we actually signed the contract early the next morning. We have the utmost respect for Mr. Miller as a Neal Employee and Neighbor! Mr. Neal should be very thankful to have Mr. David Miller as a member of Team Neal! Mr. David Miller is the epitome of what a sales associate should be. Mrs. Sheri Roca is awesome; we would not change one thing about our beautiful home which she played a very intricate part in designing. Mr. Neal should be very thankful to have Mrs. Sheri Roca as a member of Team Neal! Mr. Todd Ortlieb's attention to detail is unsurpassed. He approaches building each house as if it were his own. Mr. Neal should be very thankful to have Mr. Todd Ortlieb as a member of Team Neal! In addition, Mr. Justin Markham, the construction assistant manager is one of the most professional young men I have ever met. He has management attributes and a technical skill set that will allow for rapid upward mobility. Mr. Neal should be very thankful to have Mr. Justin Markham as a member of Team Neal! I highly recommend that Mr. Neal consider removing the "assistant" from his job description title and give this young man some recognition. Mr. Steve Serbin made the pool design experience stress free and fun; he shared many great ideas that fit our lifestyle. Mr. Neal should be very thankful to have Mr. Steve Serbin as a member of Team Neal! Mr. Kevin Turi made the intimidating pool operation and maintenance process very understandable. Waterscapes Pool should be very proud to have A & K Pool Services LLC has part of their team! Mrs. Nancy Groth took the stress out of the closing process with a caring approach that allowed us to make workable travel arrangements from PA. She is extremely knowledgeable and personable. Mr. Neal should be very thankful to have Mrs. Nancy Groth as a member of Team Neal! We have not filed a warranty claim as of this date; however, we are very confident that any of our future concerns will be professionally and expeditiously addressed. Mr. Justin Markham has made it known that he would gladly assist us with any warranty claim if one ever needed to be filed. Another example of this gentlemen going above and beyond and putting the customer first. The complete buying experience in Boca Royale was flawless from start to ending. Mr. Neal should be very proud of the group of professionals that he surround himself with! If we missed mentioning anyone it was not our intent as we know there are many great professionals that work very hard behind the scenes!

5/20/16 - Todd did a great job, however, Justin is the person we had contact with on a day to day basis. I emphatically need to tell you what a great job Justin is doing for you. He literally is the face of Neal Communities and what a positive and pleasant experience that is. His earnest desire to make sure we were satisfied and felt comfortable that Neal was doing all they could to keep things on schedule, despite setbacks, was simply amazing. And his presence and attention to our satisfaction since we moved into our new home has been wonderful. I don't know what you pay him but it isn't enough. He definitely makes you money.

5/19/16  - "Piece of paradise" We have lived in Boca Royale for two years and love it. The vegetation in the more mature section is just beautiful; definitely feel like you are in paradise every day. We also love the quietness of the whole development; no busy streets here!

5/5/16 - "Location, location, location, Boca Royale is a friendly, beautiful community with something for everyone!" We have been very impressed with the whole process of sales, design, warranty and management of Boca Royale. Having a new home in a town atmosphere very near the Gulf of Mexico is important to us. Not being golfers (yet) and appreciative that we are required only to take a social membership in the Club, we are "water" people. Boca Royale is a very short car or bike ride, only 2 traffic lights away, from gorgeous Manasota Beach. It is only a 2 - 3 mile drive with no traffic lights to a friendly supermarket, a full service marina on Lemon Bay, Ringling Art Center, and Old Englewood Village. The walkable village is home to a Sarasota county library, Lemon Bay Playhouse, and several thriving businesses and restaurants offering live music. The village has a fabulous "soup to nuts" Farmer's Market. Bring your wallet! I recently had the wonderful experience of having a dolphin leading me while kayaking on Lemon Bay, where Manatees can be easily seen. It is easy to pop up to Venice for symphony or the Blues festival and more, or south to nearby Boca Grande for fishing, shopping, and a dolphin accompanied boat rides to Cabbage Key. There is a friendly vibe at Boca Royale, where it is easy to meet people at the pool or clubhouse, in a card game, or just walking your dog on the extensive network of sidewalks. Seeing otters, Florida Sandhill cranes, herons, turtles, and many other birds at Boca Royale have made this nature lover very happy.

5/3/16 - "If we had to do it again we wouldn't change a thing!" We moved in 6 months ago and the glow of "the honeymoon" continues. We love our new neighborhood (Cayman Isles Blvd.) and can't say enough about just how welcoming and friendly our neighbors have been. Truly a community that can't be beat! The club is convenient when you don't feel like cooking not to mention having golf and Yoga classes in your back yard. These activities were must haves when we were searching for our new home in Southwest Florida.

5/1/16 - "Having lived here for over 20 years, the quiet but active life style suits us well." In transition from a small, very private development being poorly managed to a much larger, active one with more professional management, Boca Royale provides diverse life style options from quiet to quite social and active. It is lovely, unpretentious and very comfortable, with a supportive neighborhood atmosphere. My wife and I have lived here for over twenty years and are very comfortable in our retirement choice.

3/1/16 - Nancy Groth set up my closing and handled everything in a professional manner. Eddie Gaudette handled a sewer connection problem immediately and sent a plumber out the day it happened. Awesome service.

2/28/16 - We recently purchased at Boca Royale and wish to provide feedback about Marcel Cloutier. Marcel conducted our walk-through.  He was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and very personable.  He took the time to provide us with key facts about our new home, was thorough and followed through on several details.  This further reinforced our impression of Neal as a company. You can feel confidant that Marcel represents your company in the most superlative way.  I will be recommending Neal to my contacts and Marcel is a major reason why.

2/25/16 - As a first time home builder, Neal Communities made the process very easy. The design center is fantastic, and we were really able to be absentee builders. The Waterscapes pool is awesome. I completely trusted the builders to get it done, and for the most part, it was done right the first time. Thank you very much!

2/24/16 - Marcel was exceptional throughout the process in being responsive to my calls and answering questions in great detail. Marcel also demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to accomplishing tasks on a very timely basis. He is a true professional and an ideal representative for Neal Communities. Nancy Groth, in conjunction with Marcel, were very accommodating in working with us on providing a closing date that was earlier than originally projected. Construction manager was very knowledgeable and cooperative throughout the process and made us feel very comfortable that he had our best interests in mind. Experience was much easier than anticipated and, as stated earlier, our expectations were exceeded.

9/8/13-"Good morning, I signed for a new, beautiful home on Boca grounds and hope to move in October. Everything went smoothly so far because of the very efficient , kind and helpful work from your sales Associate Christina Henderson. You have a jewel in your company." -Kristina Nadarajah

This review is for the new homes in the golf community being built by Neal Communities. I have not built a home here, only visited the models and spoken with sales staff. Very friendly staff and beautiful model homes. The community is well-established. Jimmy D

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